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Western Canada Pipeline Permits Last 30 Days – Reports Report Downloads

The link below will allow you to download for free the list of Operators and drilling rigs that spud wells in Western Canada last 30 days.

Pipeline Projects

Pembina Pipeline permit 1KM to cross the Freeman River

GFI Solutions

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Permit Details

Western Canada Pipeline Permits

Table provides overview of Operator and rigs drilling wells in Western Canada last 30 days.

Account Name  ↑Near LSD  ↑Application PurposeProject CommentsApproval DateOperating KMProject DistanceSubt Code
Advantage Oil and Gas Ltd. Permittedpipeline to pipeline11/13/20201.770.27FG
  Permittedpipeline to pipeline11/13/20200.680.27SG
ALBERTA ETHANE DEVELOPMENT COMPANYRocky View CountyPermittedPipeline to pipeline11/12/20200.10.1HV
ANEGADA OIL CORP.cityWokingPermitted 10/21/20200.770.77OE
 La GlacePermittedWell to Battery10/27/20200.890.89OE
 WembleyPermittedbattery to pipeline10/15/202010.055.4OE
  PermittedSatellite to Pipeline11/2/202014.654.6OE
  Operatingmove battery to pipeline11/12/202014.651OE
Apogee Petroleum Inc.DrumhellerPermittedPipeline to pipeline11/6/20200.870.87OE
 Starland CountyOperatingchange well to pipeline11/16/20200.871OE
Aspenleaf Energy LimitedcityCalmarAbandoned 11/16/20203.31SG
ATCO GAS AND PIPELINES LTD.BruceOperatingChange10/20/20200.16.5NG
 BruderheimPermittedPipeline to pipeline11/4/20201.011NG
Athabasca Oil Sands CorpReg Mun of Wood BuffaloPermittedpipeline to pipeline10/19/20203.233.23OE
Baccalieu Energy IncLodgepolePermittedpipeline to battery11/16/20200.120.7OE
  Permittedpipeline to battery11/17/20200.070.7NG
Bearspaw Petroleum LtdCounty of Stettler No. 6Permittedwell to pipeline10/25/20200.10.1NG
Birchcliff Energy Ltd.Saddle Hills CountyPermitted 11/11/20209.61 SG
Bonavista Energy CorporationCarolineDiscontinued 10/19/20200.491.62NG
 Parkland BeachPermittedwell to pipeline11/17/20201.321.32NG
 Rocky Mountain HousePermitted 11/11/20200.10.1NG
Bonterra Energy Corp.Alder FlatsPermittedChange Pipeline to Satellite10/23/20206.196.19OE
Canadian Natural Resources Limited Discontinued 10/28/20203.242OE
 BeaverlodgeOperatingLine split10/19/20205.825.82SG
 cityDerwentDiscontinued 10/19/20201.765SW
 cityLa GlacePermittedPipeline to pipeline11/4/20200.80.8SG
 cityVauxhallDiscontinued 10/19/20202.632.4SW
 County of Stettler No. 6Abandoned 10/27/20204.191NG
 DerwentDiscontinued 10/19/20204.361.5FG
  Discontinued 10/21/20203.730.7FG
 DunveganOperatingLine Split10/27/20205.040.5NG
 GlendonPermittedBattery to Battery10/21/20203.851.44FG
 Kehewin #123OperatingResume Pipeline to Well11/2/202014.720.67FG
 La CoreyDiscontinued 10/15/20207.61.2FG
 Marten BeachDiscontinued 10/19/20202.310OE
 Red Deer CountyDiscontinued 10/28/20200.9710SW
 RiverviewAbandoned 10/27/20200.671CO
 WarnerPermittedFlow Reversal10/15/20203.843.84OE
 WembleyPermittedBattery to Battery Move10/23/20206.122.61LV
  Discontinued 10/26/20200.70.54OE
  PermittedBattery to Well11/10/20201.571.57SW
 WorsleyDiscontinued 10/15/20200.090.54NG
Cenovus Energy Inc.Boggy HallPermittedWell to Pipeline10/22/20203.151.66NG
  PermittedWell to Pipeline10/22/20201.661.66OE
 Reg Mun of Wood BuffaloDiscontinued 10/28/20205.11FG
  PermittedSatellite to Pipeline11/2/20200.570.57NG
  PermittedSatellite to Pipeline11/2/20205.670.57FG
  PermittedSatellite to Pipeline11/2/20200.570.57MG
  PermittedSatellite to Pipeline11/2/20200.570.57OE
  OperatingLine Split11/6/20200.572.7MG
  OperatingLine Split11/13/20205.673FG
CENTRAL PEACE NATURAL GAS CO-OP LTD.BonanzaPermittedPipeline to pipeline11/3/20202.980.25NG
 Saddle Hills CountyOperatingLine Split10/27/20202.7317NG
Chevron Canada ResourcesFox CreekPermittedPipeline to battery11/10/20201.81.8FG
Crescent Point Energy Corp.citySwan HillsPermittedwell to pipeline10/15/20200.31.45OE
Deltastream Energy CorporationcityCalling LakePermittedPipeline to Well11/3/20200.190.19NG
EAST SMOKY GAS CO-OP LTD.Greenview No. 16   ofPermittedRegulator Station to Pipeline11/10/20200.210.21NG
GHOST RIVER RESOURCES INC.BodoDiscontinued 11/15/20201.381.2OE
Grizzly Resources LtdSpirit RiverOperatingChange10/15/20201.534OE
  Not Constructedwell to pipeline10/30/20200.930.93SW
  Not Constructedwell to pipeline10/30/20201.531.93OE
Husky EnergyArdmoreOperatingchange Line split10/15/20202.4518LV
Imperial OilCold Lake #149BPermittedBattery to Pipeline10/26/20200.180.18SW
  OperatingChange10/30/20200.18 SW
  PermittedPipeline to pipeline11/4/20200.235SW
  OperatingChange Battery to Pipeline11/6/20200.232.31SW
Inplay Oil CorpLeedalePermittedsatellite to pipeline10/20/20200.810.81NG
International Petroleum Corp.County of LethbridgeAbandoned 10/22/20201.91.45NG
 WarnerAbandoned 10/15/20201.91.6NG
Jupiter Resources IncValleyviewOperatingResume Pipeline to Well10/30/20200.750.48NG
LOYAL ENERGY (CANADA) OPERATING LTD.Cardston CountyDiscontinued 11/16/20202.10.38SG
Lynx Energy ULCPonokaPermittedwell to pipeline11/10/20200.330.33NG
MARLBORO ENERGY LTD.cityHalkirkOperating 10/28/2020166.07 OE
NORTH 40 RESOURCES LTD.cityDrumhellerPermittedbattery to pipeline11/17/20202.290.75NG
 DrumhellerPermittedPipeline to battery10/30/20200.710.26NG
NuVista Energy Ltd.cityWembleyPermittedbattery to pipeline11/17/20201.010.3FG
ORLEN Upstream Canada Ltd.Rocky Mountain HouseOperatingPipeline to Pipeline Change10/26/20201.641.79NG
Outlier Resources LtdAlexander # 134AOperatingline split11/12/20200.060.35NG
PEMBINA NGL CORPORATION Permittedpipeline to pipeline11/13/20201.041.04LV
 Greenview No. 16Operatingroute change11/16/20200.3512HV
Peyto Exploration and Development Corp.cityMarlboroDiscontinued 11/11/20204.671.93NG
 MarlboroOperatingFlow Reversal11/10/20200.553.2NG
 O’Chiese #203PermittedWell to pipeline11/5/20204.741.01NG
  Permittedpipeline to pipeline11/13/202020.8512NG
Pipestone EnergyWembleyPermittedComp to satellite10/17/20200.360.36SG
  PermittedComp to satellite10/17/20200.360.36FG
RALLY CANADA RESOURCES LTD.TeesPermittedBlind to pipeline11/5/20200.230.23SG
Repsol Oil & Gas Canada Inc. PermittedPipeline to pipeline11/6/20200.360.36CO
Ridgeback ResourcesLodgepolePermitted 11/10/20200.230.23OE
Seven Generations Energy Ltd.GROVEDALEOperatingFlow Reversal11/3/20207.37 NG
Sinopec Daylight Energy LtdcityWembleyPermittedsatellite to pipeline10/15/20200.390.39SG
Spur Petroleum Ltd.cityCalling LakePermittedwell to pipeline10/20/20205.870.51OE
  Permittedwell to pipeline10/20/202015.230.51NG
  OperatingFlow Reversal10/18/202014.721.7NG
 Marten BeachPermittedWell to Pipeline10/27/20208.321.17NG
  PermittedWell to Pipeline10/27/20208.321.17OE
Sun Century Petroleum CorporationSaddle Hills CountyPermitted 10/28/20200.130.13NG
Tamarack Valley Energy LtdSaddle Hills CountyPermittedBattery to Well10/22/20201.941.9OE
Tangle Creek Energy LtdAlexander # 134APermittedPipeline to pipeline11/5/20200.150.15OE
 Woodlands CountyPermittedpipeline to pipeline11/17/20200.090.09NG
Timberrock Energy CorpSundreDiscontinued 10/18/20201.240.83NG
TORXEN RESOURCES LTD.TilleyOperating 10/15/202022.5 OE
Tourmaline Oil Corp PermittedBattery to pipeline11/5/20200.50.5NG
 ValleyviewPermittedFlow Reversal11/2/20203.483.48NG
 Yellowhead CountyPermittedFlow Reversal11/2/20204.34.3NG
VANTAGE POINT RESOURCES INC.Red Deer CountyPermittedBattery to pipeline11/6/20200.140.14NG
Vermilion Energy IncO’Chiese #203Permittedwell to pipeline10/26/20202.661NG
Westbrick Energy LtdcityO’Chiese #203Not ConstructedPipeline to Pipeline10/26/20200.780.05NG
West Lake Energy Corp.ProvostOperatingMove10/21/20201.23.3NG
Whitecap Resources Inc.CynthiaNew Licensepipeline to pipeline11/17/20200.260.26OE
 GrovedaleNot ConstructedSatellite to well11/9/20202.970.55FG
  Not ConstructedSatellite to well11/9/20204.240.55OE
XTO Energy CanadaFox CreekNot ConstructedPipeline to Well10/30/20200.082.65NG
Yangarra Resources Ltd.Rocky Mountain HousePermittedWell to pipeline10/30/20207.290.22NG
  OperatingChange well to Pipeline11/7/20207.291.8NG
ARC Resources LtdRollaOperatingOperating10/30/20201.3 Natural Gas – Sour
Black Swan Energy LtdBeatton River  11/13/20201.3 Natural Gas – Sour
Canadian Natural Resources LimitedPeejay  11/13/20201.1 Oil Well Effluent
 WonowonOperatingOperating10/30/20200.7 Fuel Gas
Crew Energy Inc.Charlie LakeOperatingOperating10/30/20200.09 Natural Gas – Sweet
 GroundbirchOperatingOperating10/30/20200.18 Natural Gas – Sweet
OVINTIV CANADA ULCFarmington  11/13/20202.7 Natural Gas – Sour
PETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd.Charkie LakePermitted 11/10/20200.30.3Natural Gas – Sweet
 Pink Mountain  10/22/20205.5 Natural Gas – Sour
    11/13/20203.2 Natural Gas – Sour
    11/13/20203.4 Natural Gas – Sour
 Pink MountianPermitted 11/10/202011Fuel Gas
Shell Canada LimitedBurnaby  11/13/20200.1 Crude Oil
Trans Mountain Pipeline L.P.Hope  11/13/20200.3 
Abbey Resources Corp. OperatingOperating10/16/20200.21 Natural Gas
  Abandoned 11/3/20204.09 Natural Gas
  Abandoned 11/4/20203.43 Natural Gas
  Abandoned 11/4/20201.04  
  Abandoned 11/4/20200.44  
Baytex Energy Corp. PermittedTo Be Constructed 1-1 to 8-110/16/20200.56 Natural Gas
  Permitted1-22 to 4-2310/30/20200.460.46Natural Gas
  Permitted12-21 TO 13-2110/30/20200.480.48Natural Gas
  Permitted 10/30/20200.160.16Natural Gas
BURGESS CREEK EXPLORATION INC. OperatingManor11/16/20200.38 Oil Well Effluent
  OperatingManor11/16/20200.37 Oil Well Effluent
  OperatingManor11/16/20200.48 Oil Well Effluent
Crescent Point Energy Corp. Permitted08-23-006-11W2M MWB OE Flowlines11/2/20200.490.49Oil Well Effluent
Enerplus Corporation AbandonedAbandoned10/19/20200.68 Oil Well Effluent
Husky Energy PermittedEdam East Thermal Salt Water Pipeline10/22/20200.72 Salt water
KINGSTON MIDSTREAM SASKATCHEWAN LIMITED DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20201.46  
  Abandoned 11/4/20201.17  
  Abandoned 11/4/20200.08  
  Abandoned 11/4/20200.14  
  Abandoned 11/4/20200.6  
  Abandoned 11/4/20200.65  
  Abandoned 11/4/20200.49  
  Abandoned 11/4/20200.52  
  Abandoned 11/4/20200.58  
Potts Petroleum Inc. Operating 10/29/20202.1 Natural Gas
  Operating 10/29/20200.9 Salt water
  Operating 10/29/20200.1 Oil Well Effluent
  Abandoned 10/29/20202.7 Natural Gas
  Discontinued 10/29/20208.7 Natural Gas
  Abandoned 11/4/20200.57 Oil Well Effluent
Prairie Thunder Resources Ltd. Operating 11/12/20201.06 Oil Well Effluent
Ridgeback Resources PermittedStoughton Gas Tie-in10/25/20201.42 Natural Gas
Steel Reef Infrastructure Corp. OperatingColeville East GGS11/12/20201.7 Natural Gas
Teine Energy Ltd DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.08 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.48 Oil Well Effluent
  AbandonedAbandoned10/13/20203.87 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.38 Oil Well Effluent
  OperatingOperating10/13/20200.47 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.41 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.69 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.5 Oil Well Effluent
  OperatingOperating10/13/20205.91 Natural Gas
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.04 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.06 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.05 Oil Well Effluent
  OperatingOperating10/13/20200.36 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.02 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.03 Oil Well Effluent
  OperatingOperating10/13/20200.3 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.88 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.36 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.41 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20201.29 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.89 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.4 Oil Well Effluent
  OperatingOperating10/13/20200.28 Oil Well Effluent
  OperatingOperating10/13/20201.73 Oil Well Effluent
  OperatingOperating10/14/20200.44 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.8 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.72 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.41 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.4 Oil Well Effluent
  DiscontinuedDiscontinued10/13/20200.41 Oil Well Effluent
  OperatingOperating10/14/20200.32 Oil Well Effluent
  OperatingOperating10/14/20200.51 Oil Well Effluent
  OperatingOperating10/14/20200.28 Oil Well Effluent
  OperatingOperating10/14/20200.36 Oil Well Effluent
  OperatingOperating10/14/20201.13 Natural Gas
  OperatingOperating10/14/20200.36 Oil Well Effluent
  OperatingOperating10/14/20200.32 Oil Well Effluent
TransGas Limited Operating27.0780.100 SCISSOR CREEK NPS 2 LATERAL10/30/20200.04 Natural Gas
  Operating01.2120.100 NAPATAK NPS 2 LATERAL10/30/20200.05 Natural Gas
  Operating27.0761.100 FAIRLIGHT NPS 2 LATERAL10/30/20200.02 Natural Gas
  Operating02.0310.500 LASMO EDAM NPS 2 LATERAL10/30/20200.01 Natural Gas
  Operating02.0351.100 CLEEVES NPS 0.75 LATERAL10/30/20200.01 Natural Gas
  Operating02.0420.100 NEILBURG NPS 2 LATERAL11/13/20200.02 Natural Gas
  Operating02.0530.100 MAIDSTONE NPS 2 LATERAL11/13/20200.02 Natural Gas
Tundra Oil & Gas Limited Permitted 11/12/20200.71 Oil Well Effluent
Vermilion Energy Inc Abandoned 11/6/20200.5 Oil Well Effluent
  Abandoned 11/6/20200.6 Oil Well Effluent
  Abandoned 11/6/20200.9 Oil Well Effluent
  Discontinued 11/16/20201 Oil Well Effluent
  Operating 11/16/20201.2 Salt water
  Discontinued 11/16/20202.2 Oil Well Effluent
  Discontinued 11/16/20201.5 Salt water
Whitecap Resources Inc. PermittedTo Be Constructed 13-08-031-21W310/22/20200.93 Oil Well Effluent

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