Digital Banner Advertising Overview

Digital banner advertising refers to the practice of promoting products, services, or brands through visual display ads placed on websites, social media platforms, mobile apps, or other digital channels. These ads typically consist of images, text, and sometimes interactive elements.

The primary goal of digital banner advertising is to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and generate leads or conversions. Advertisers often use targeting techniques to display their ads to specific demographics, interests, or online behaviors, ensuring that they reach the right audience. This targeted approach helps maximize the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and improves return on investment (ROI).

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How We Charge

Cost per thousand (CPM) is a common pricing model used in digital advertising to calculate the cost of displaying an advertisement per one thousand impressions. The “M” in CPM stands for the Roman numeral for one thousand.

In CPM, advertisers pay a predetermined amount for every one thousand times their ad is displayed or shown to users. The term “impressions” refers to the number of times an ad is viewed by users, regardless of whether they interact with it or not.

Digital Advertising Details

A digital advertising channel refers to a specific platform or medium through which digital advertisements are delivered to the target audience. These channels provide the means for advertisers to display their ads and engage with potential customers. Here are the 3 channels we offer;

Display Advertising: Display advertising involves placing visual banner ads on various websites or mobile apps. is a website dedicated to the oil & gas industry with a focus on drilling and pipeline projects in North America. The primary source of website traffic is from people working in the oil & gas industry located in the US.

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Email Marketing: Email marketing involves sending targeted promotional messages or ads to a list of subscribers.

Linkedin Networking

Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing relies on influential individuals on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok to promote products or services to their followers.

Overall, digital advertising offers businesses the opportunity to reach a wide audience, target specific segments, measure results, optimize campaigns, and drive meaningful business outcomes in a more cost-effective and measurable way compared to traditional advertising methods.