We offer our customers Eneralead Content Marketing (ECM) program that includes two services; content development and digital channel marketing.

Content Development

OGL owns a proprietary database of oil & gas information that includes new well permits, wells drilled, drilling rigs operating, facility and pipeline projects stored in a database that includes advanced analytic and predictive analysis tools.  We use the analytics tools to create oil & content multiple times daily this includes drilling activity, rig activity, facility building activity and pipeline construction activity.  We combine the oil & gas market data with the customers brand and products information in images.  We create 3 data format types they include short form content optimized for social posting, blog format to support the social post and email reports optimized for email newsletters. 

Digital Channels

A marketing channel can mean any method or platform that’s used to market a product or service to consumers. The primary goal is to turn over ownership of the product or service from production to consumption.  We provide our customers access to 3 primary marketing channels that include Linkedin, blogs and email;

  • Linkedin posting – social media is critical to online marketing success; no marketing plan is complete without a social media strategy.  Our social media focus is using Linked to distribute content. 
  • Blogs – blog posts and written content have been the most popular and most effective content format for digital marketing with 53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing when it comes to content marketing, blogging still is still one of the strongest forms.
  • Email Marketing – we currently have 2000 email subscriber and our email list is growing 10% per month.  In 2019, global email users amounted to 3.9 billion users (Statista, 2020).

Revenue Growth

Advertising using Oilgasleads Enerlead Content Marketing helps oil & gas services companies of any size achieve their sales & marketing goals. We target a unique oil & gas audience · Create easy and effective ads · Control your budget and costs.

The results for customers who advertise using Enerlead Content Marketing – Generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness with Enerlead Content Marketing. Our value proposition includes:

  • Commitment – it takes commitment to be successful with a digital marketing program.  We are committed to using our proprietary oil & gas data and channels to get our customers brand and product message to a targeted oil & gas market.
  • Consistent – we will leverage our unique continent and network to get out customers brand and product message in front of customers and prospects daily.
  • Investment – we are committed to help our customer to leverage digital marketing to lower the cost of customer acquisition.
  • Assortment – the content we provide will be unique and interesting to the viewers delivering the volume of views to drive new leads and sales.  
  • Content – the content we provide will be top quality and accurate.
  • Augment – we will do our best to integrate our customers brand and product message into our oil & gas data to create a clear and concise message for the viewer.
  • Measurement – we will use the best tools available to track and measure our marketing programs to ensure the optimum marketing results.
  • Involvement  – we will involve our customers and viewers with the marketing material to ensure the best results of all of our marketing programs.