We’re about the power of data-driven intelligence and developing sales & marketing systems to help oil & gas service companies grow sales with existing and new customers.

Data Intelligence

OGL owns a proprietary database of oil & gas information that includes new well permits, wells drilled, drilling rigs operating, facility and pipeline projects stored in a database that includes advanced analytic and predictive analysis tools.  We use the analytics tools to support the sales and marketing systems we offer companies supporting the oil & gas industry. 

Marketing System

Our marketing system is a set of procedures and practices that allows companies servicing the oil & gas industry, to market their products and services using digital channels. The corporate marketing system defines how the company accomplishes its marketing tasks, including advertising, promotion and sales.

Sales System

Our sales system is a set of sales process & procedures that makes creating and managing sales opportunities repeatable and scalable. We use our data intelligence and sales software applications to help companies servicing the oil & gas industry implement our repeatable and scalable sales systems.

Our Customers

Lateral Completions SEO

Lateral Completions working with Oilgasleads.com to get top page rank for industry keyword to increase website traffic ...
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Siemens Energy Linkedin Advertising

Siemens Energy working with Oilgasleads to get the most from a Linkedin ad campaign ...
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