Canadian Natural Resources Primrose and Wolf Lake (PAW) Project. Major oil & gas project Western Canada.

Canadian Natural Resources Limited has submitted an application under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act for a renewal of their Primrose and Wolf Lake (PAW) Project. The PAW Project consists of thermal in situ oil sands developments which include the Wolf Lake CPF and field production facilities (Townships 65 and 66, Ranges 5 and 6, W4M); the Primrose South and North Steam areas (Townships 67 and 68, Ranges 4 and 5, W4M, which includes the Primrose South and North steam plants and field production facilities) and the Primrose East area (Townships 67 and 68, Ranges 2 and 3, W4M), which includes the Primrose East steam plant, the Burnt Lake Pilot Plant and field production facilities (all located entirely within the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range). The deadline for filing a statement of concern is January 5, 2015 in the following locations:

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