Using our data preparation technology we collect and prepare oil & gas data found on the internet that includes new well license permits, wells drilled & completed, facility and pipeline projects. The oil & gas data is optimized for your sales & marketing teams so they can improve market research, lead generation and operations. The data collected includes; new well permits & wells drilled for BC, Alberta & Saskatchewan.

Using business intelligence technology we provide a series of weekly emails that include;

  • Monday – New well, wells drilled and facility permits for Western Canada. See Sample
  • Tuesday – Summary of active rigs in Western Canada. See Sample
  • Wednesday – Summary of facility permits that include compressors and pumps. See Sample
  • Thursday – Summary of pipeline permits approved previous week in Western Canada. See Sample
  • Friday – Summary of wells pads approved, pads started drilling and pads completed drilling. See Sample

We would like to offer you a free trial of Enerlead lead generation emails for two weeks so you can experience the power of information.

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