Oil & Gas Companies Weekly Update

PM • Almost a sweep for Conservatives in Edmonton
PM • Alberta counting on oil and pipeline surge to balance books
G&M • Brett Wilson cranks up heat on Alberta oil sands critics
Global • Separatist talk renews in Alberta following Liberal victory
CBC • Husky CEO calls social media post-election layoff chatter ‘B.S.’
PM • Five business tax credits scrapped in favour of lower corporate taxes

ARC Energy • Majority rules, unless it’s a minority
BNN • SK Premier Scott Moe: We need a New Deal with Canada
CBC • Conservative sweep in SK shows rejection of Liberal policies

Oxford Energy • Prospects for US shale productivity
Reuters • Trump confirms plans to withdraw from Paris Climate Accord
Reuters • Crude flows to Houston slow as Cactus II ramps up

PetroEcon • Indian LNG moves beyond pipe dream
EIA • Global energy demand driven by non-OECD building electricity
Reuters • Saudi Aramco delays IPO in hopes of roping in anchor investors
Reuters • Rosneft switches from dollars to euros due to US sanctions
Platts • Rosneft calls Saudi Arabia a ‘fragile’ oil supplier after Sep attacks

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