Texas Pipeline & Facility Report Nov 29 – Maxx

Pipeline Permits and Air Permits Related to Facility Construction in Texas Last 30 Days – Reports Report Downloads

The link below will allow you to download for free the list of Operators and drilling rigs in Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma last 30 days

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Permit Summary

The tables below are. summary of new Texas T4 Permits and new Texas Oil & Gas air permits related to facilities approved last week.

Texas Pipeline Permits Last Week

Texas Facility with Air Permits

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Temporary Installation of Pig Launcher/Receivers

Pipeline Bleed-offs, Purges and In-line Separation

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Auditable Tracking Records

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Pressure Vessels

Pontoon Vapour Space Coating

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SCC (Stress Corrosion Cracking) Investigation

EFR (External Floating Roof)

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Louisiana Well Permits Last 30 Days

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