Western Canada Facilities with Compressors Nov 26 2020 – Transcourt

Western Canada Pipeline Permits Last 30 Days – Reports Report Downloads

The link below will allow you to download for free the list of facilities with compressors approved last week in Western Canada.

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Compressor Projects

Westbrick Energy BRAZEAU RIVER battery compressor upgrade

Transcourt Tank Leasing Inc.

A leasing decision involves more than just rates. It is about maximizing returns and focusing your resources on your core business. Transcourt Inc. was founded in 1997 specifically to meet the leasing and long-term rental needs of the liquid bulk transport industry. Today our large fleet of tankers is available to customers across Canada for a variety of unique industry segments and in a wide selection of tank trailer configurations. From the beginning, Transcourt has been committed to providing our customers with the best equipment in the industry through leasing solutions that support clients in meeting their business objectives. 

Permit Details

Western Canada Facility with Compressors

Table provides overview of Operator and facility with compressor projects last week

Board Field Centre  ↑Account Name  ↑Location Field  ↑Application PurposeFacility Type BucketCompressor DetailCompressor Project DetailGasOil/BitumenCondensateSulphurWaterLocation
DRAYTON VALLEYWestbrick Energy LtdBRAZEAU RIVERLicence AmendmentGas batteryQTY 7_6770KW_GASQTY 1_1253KW_GAS36000275110001-01-045-12W5
GRANDE PRAIRIEBaytex Energy Corp.CADOTTELicence AmendmentGas processing plantQTY 3_704KW_GASQTY 1_108KW_GAS141.5800110001-18-084-17W5
 Shell Canada LimitedWASKAHIGANNew LicenceCompressor stationQTY 1_300KW_GASQTY 1_300KW_GAS1780678067815-36-064-23W5
UNDEFINEDApogee Petroleum Inc.AERIALNew LicenceGas batteryQTY 1_447KW_GASQTY 1_447KW_GAS65000116-24-029-19W4
 Canadian Natural Resources LimitedWILDMERENew LicenceCompressor stationQTY 2_94KW_GASQTY 2_94KW_GAS2020001002-10-048-06W4

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