Western Canada Pipeline Permits Nov 27 2020 – Thatchwood

Western Canada Pipeline Permits Last 30 Days – Reports Report Downloads

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Pipeline Projects

Pembina Pipeline permit 1KM to cross the Freeman River

Interesting Project

Baytex 3.3KM pipeline in the Cold Lake area, heavy oil operations account for more than 70% of current production and more than 73% of oil-equivalent reserves. 

Thatchwood Ventures

  • Multiple late-model tandem and tri-tractors available, all with dual-line wet kit systems capable of pulling end dumps or walking floor trailers
  • All units are fitted to heavy specifications, and each has a positive air shutdown module installed
  • Our tri-drive units are a popular choice for longer hauls, as they can move four to six more tonnes per payload

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Permit Details

Western Canada Pipeline Permits

Province LSD  ↑Account Name  ↑Near LSD  ↑Application PurposeProject Comments
ABAdvantage Oil and Gas Ltd. Operatingline split
 Athabasca Oil Sands CorpFox CreekOperating 
 Baccalieu Energy IncLodgepoleOperatingpipeline to pipeline
   New LicenseChange Satellite to Pipeline
 Baytex Energy Corp.Cold Lake #149Permittedpipeline to battery
 Bonterra Energy Corp.Alder FlatsPermittedpipeline to pipeline
   OperatingChange Satellite to Pipeline
 Canadian Natural Resources Limited Permittedpipeline to pipeline
  JennerOperatingResume well to pipeline
  La CoreyPermittedbattery to pipeline
 Cenovus Energy Inc.cityEdsonPermittedwell to pipeline
  LodgepoleOperatingResume well to pipeline
 Crescent Point Energy Corp.Swan HillsOperatingResume well to pipeline
 International Petroleum Corp.JennerDiscontinued 
 Jupiter Resources Inc Not Constructedwell to pipeline
 Keyera Energy Limited Partnership Permittedpipeline to pipeline
 Paramount Resources Ltd.GrovedalePermittedwell to pipeline
   Permittedwell to pipeline
 Rising Star Resources Ltd.Spirit RiverPermittedpipeline to pipeline
 Seven Generations Energy Ltd.GRANDE PRAIRIEOperatingline split
 Suncor Energy Inc.Reg Mun of Wood BuffaloPermittedwell to pipeline
   Permittedwell to pipeline
   Permittedwell to pipeline
   Permittedwell to pipeline
   Permittedwell to pipeline
   Permittedwell to pipeline
   Permittedwell to pipeline
   Permittedwell to pipeline
BCPETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd.Pink MoutianOperating 

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