Permit Summary Western Canada , Nov 2, 2022

Western Canada Permit Summary

The following is a summary of oil & gas pipeline construction permits, well permits and facility permits approves in Western Canada last 7 days (report date Nov 2, 2022). Total Operators approved for permits 98 for 213 total permits.

  • Western Canada Well Permits; 45 Operators had 120 well permits approved. Top Operator by approved permit count is Tourmaline Oil Corp. (13)
  • Western Canada Pipeline Permits; 32 Operators had 66 pipeline permits approved. Top Operator by approved permit count is Whitecap Resources Inc. (6)
  • Western Canada Facility Permits; 21 Operators had 27 Facility permits approved. Top Operator by approved permit count is Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd (4)

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Pipeline Permits

Facility Permits

Well License Permits

Western Canada Pipeline Construction Detail

The following section is a summary of new well permits approved last week in Western Canada.

Western Canada Well Permit Average

Summary of the well permit count and moving average.

Western Canada Well Permits New Operators

Oil & Gas Operators Approved for new well permits last week for the first time since Sept 1 2022

Western Canada Pipeline Construction Detail

The following section is a summary of pipeline permits approved in Western Canada last week. We have also provided details of specific projects.

Pipeline Permits Approved Last Week

Pipeline Project Details

IPC CANADA LTD.- Permit #63,312- 2.3KM – Well to well – MEDICINE HAT 

IPC’s oil and gas assets are located in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The Suffield area oil and gas assets and the recently acquired Ferguson oil asset are high quality conventional assets located in southern Alberta. The Onion Lake, Mooney and Blackrod assets are heavy crude oil assets with conventional and steam assisted development methods in northern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Acquired by IPC early in 2018, the Suffield area assets are conventional oil and natural gas assets held over a large, contiguous land position of 800,000 net acres of shallow natural gas rights and 100,000 net acres of oil rights. Production and reserves from the assets come from conventional shallow oil and gas wells. These stable, low-decline producing fields have low production costs and significant future development potential from a combination of low risk development drilling, well stimulation and enhanced oil recovery opportunities.

TORXEN ENERGY LTD. -Permit #63,322- 4.52KM – ENCHANT – Well to satellite

Torxen is a private exploration and production company focused on the development and optimization of conventional oil and gas assets in Southern Alberta. The Torxen team has a proven track-record operating upstream oil and gas properties in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and is committed to high standards of safety, environmental responsibility and stakeholder relationships.

TOURMALINE OIL CORP.- #46,988- 2.59KM – KAKWA – Battery to pipeline

The Alberta Deep Basin is a multi-objective tight natural gas sand play area with up to 15 separate lower Cretaceous liquids-rich natural-gas-charged sand reservoirs. Tourmaline’s target exploration and production area is in that portion of the Alberta Deep Basin where the entire lower Cretaceous stratigraphic section is gas saturated with no mobile formation water. The primary vehicle for accessing the extensive reserves in these stacked sandstones is multi-stage fracture stimulation in both horizontal and vertical well-bores.

Western Canada Oil & Gas Facility with Compressor Detail

Tourmaline Oil Corp. – 09-35-080-10W6 – New Licence – GORDONDALE

Entrada Resources Inc. – 16-19-042-06W5 – Oil battery – WILLESDEN GREEN

Barrel Oil Corp. -02-03-013-18W4 – Gas battery  – New Facility –  RETLAW 

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