Hammerhead Resources Pipeline Permit – battery to pipeline 15-064-03-W6

Western Canada Pipeline Permits

We are tracking 28 Operators and 45 pipeline permits approved the last 7 days reports was posted Jan 15 2021. The image below shows the map for the Hammerhead Resources Inc. permit.

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The table below is a summary of the pipeline permits last 7 days.

Province LSD  ↑Account Name  ↑Near LSD  ↑Application PurposeProject CommentsOperating KMProject Distance
ABANEGADA OIL CORP.WembleyPermittedwell to satellite17.973.32
 Artis Exploration Ltd.HuxleyDiscontinued 1.251.09
  Three HillsPermittedPipeline to Pipeline2.351.1
   PermittedPipeline to Pipeline2.351.1
 Aspenleaf Energy LimitedcityCalmarPermittedsattelite to battery0.490.49
 Bearspaw Petroleum Ltd PermittedPipeline to Pipeline0.350.35
 Bonavista Energy CorporationRobbPermittedwell to pipeline0.950.95
 Bonterra Energy Corp.Buck CreekAbandoned 0.470.47
 Canadian Natural Resources LimitedGrovedalePermittedpipeline to Pipeline11.221
   Permittedpipeline to Pipeline2.041
   Permittedpipeline to Pipeline1.021
  Kehewin #123PermittedPipeline to Battery17.833.1
 Hammerhead Resources Inc.GrovedalePermittedRoute Change5.673.74
 NuVista Energy Ltd.cityWembleyOperatingChange3.233.23
  GrovedalePermittedPipeline to Pipeline1.831.83
 ORLEN Upstream Canada Ltd.Rocky Mountain HouseOperatingFlow Reversal1.641.64
 Paramount Resources Ltd.GrovedalePermittedWell to Pipeline90.440.6
   Permittedwell to pipeline94.580.7
   PermittedWell to Pipeline2.390.6
 Rampart Oil Inc.StavelyPermittedwell to pipeline2.431.3
 Shackleton Exploration LtdEdbergPermittedwell to pipeline1.20.6
 TORXEN RESOURCES LTD.BassanoPermittedwell to battery3.121.56
 Tourmaline Oil CorpO’Chiese #203Not Constructed 6.646.64
 Vermilion Energy Inc PermittedBattery to Pipeline0.520.52
  CynthiaPermittedwell to pipeline2.41
  Niton JunctionPermitted 0.410.41
 Westbrick Energy LtdCynthiaPermittedsatellite to Gas Plant0.950.94
BCARC Resources Ltd Operating 0.220.22
   Operating 2.72.7
   Permitted 3.43.4
   Permitted 1.91.9
 Crew Energy Inc. Permitted 1.21.2
 FortisBC Energy Inc. Operating 0.240.24
 OVINTIV CANADA ULC Permitted 1.71.7
 Pacific Canbriam Energy Limited Permitted 0.190.19
 PETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd. Operating 0.580.58
SKAstra Oil Corp PermittedViewfield 11-14 to 16-0837.1737.17
   Permitted 2.832.83
 Cenovus Energy Inc. Permitted 12.7612.76
   Permitted 3.023.02
   Permitted 6.866.86
   Permitted 6.936.93
 Crescent Point Energy Corp. Permitted01-32-010-06W2M MWB OE Pipeline9.989.98
 Teine Energy Ltd Permitted14-36 to 11-36-030-21W33.013.01
 Whitecap Resources Inc. PermittedWeyburn 8-33-5-13 Replacement Line1.161.16

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