Deltastream Energy Compressors for New Gas Plant 11-04-075-25W4

Deltastream Energy

Deltastram has been approved to build a new gas plant located 11-04-075-25W4 that will have 4 new compressors installed.

About Martin Hill Play

Marten Hills and Nipisi has gone from interesting land sales to producing over 14,000 bopd. The play is expanding just north of the main fairway (Spur and Turnstone), and also much further afield to the southeast at Canal (Deltastream), at Jarvie, which is outside the map area (Spur and others), and to the northwest at Gift (Summerland), Golden (Spur and Baytex) and Cadotte (Spur). The play shows no sign of abating as land continues to be posted along trend.

The key to unlocking the play is the volume of reservoir that operators have been able to access using multi-laterals (currently four to eight) produced through one production string without having to use costly hydraulic fracturing technologies or secondary thermal technologies (SAGD, CSS, etc.). With the multiple legs, the relatively high permeability (1–900 mD) Clearwater reservoir is capable of producing economic volumes of 14–24° API gravity oil on primary production. Wells cost from $1.24MM to $1.7MM for an array of multi-laterals that will produce from one production string (Highwood, 2019).

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