Calyx Energy III LLC drilling in eastern Oklahoma.

Filings with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission this week showed recent completion of a gas well in southeast Oklahoma. It proved to be the latest success for Tulsa-based Calyx Energy III LLC and its drilling projects in eastern Oklahoma.

Calyx filed the report showing the Pittsburg County well had production of 10,343 Mcf of natural gas a day when it was completed in July of this year.

The Ace 3-1-25wh, located at 12 7N 12E, a site several miles northwest of McAlester, had a drilled depth of 16,409 feet. The completion report showed a March 2022 spud date.

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Calyx Energy III Wells Spud

The well is the latest effort of Calyx Energy as it continues exploration efforts in the northern Arkoma Basin.

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Calyx Energy III LLC Well Permit Summary

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