Canadian basins: Montney

Montney is found in Northeast British Columbia and Northwestern Alberta Montney being rich in natural gas, oil and natural gas liquids from the Early Triassic period.

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Montney Formation is a major shale gas and tight oil resource. … This estimate makes it one of the largest known gas resources in the world and equivalent to 145 years of Canada’s 2012 consumption. Gas is produced from the Montney Formation in both British Columbia and Alberta.

This area is considered to have low break-even commodity prices and a favourable balance of natural gas and liquids relative to other North American tight, liquids-rich natural gas plays. The size of this inventory has the potential to expand over time as exploration validates the development potential of other geologic formations. Wells in the Kakwa region have exhibited high production rates of natural gas, condensate and other NGLs. This region is served year-round by a vibrant oil and natural gas service sector in the city of Grande Prairie.

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