Citizen Energy III LLC on a single pad produced 1,200 barrels of oil

Two Canadian County wells drilled by Citizen Energy III LLC on a single pad produced more than 1,200 barrels of oil combined a day.

The Tulsa energy company filed completion reports showing the Darrow Trust 3hl-7-18, located at 7 10N 5W, a site about 2 miles southwest of the city of Mustang was completed in April of this year. It had production of 644 barrels of oil a day and 3,875 Mcf of natural gas from a drilled depth of 16,742 feet into the Mississippian formation. The well also had a Dec. 31, 2021 spud date according to its completion report.

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Citizen Energy III Wells Drilled Since 2020

The sister well, the Darrow Trust 1hl-7-6, also completed in April produced 567 barrels of oil a day and 3,665 Mcf of natural gas from a depth of 17,451 feet. It was spudded Dec. 29, 2021 according to the filed completion report.

Citizen Energy also completed the Reuter Trust 2hl-8-17 well at 8 11N 8W, a site near El Reno and the production was 169 barrels of oil a day and 1,534 Mcf of natural gas from 20,434 feet in the Woodford formation. The spud date was April of 2020 according to the completion report.

About Citizen Energy III

Citizen Energy is currently focused on developing horizontal play concepts in the onshore region of the United States. Our management team features extensive horizontal technical experience throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

STACK play is located in the Anadarko Basin area of Oklahoma. STACK is derived from “Sooner Trend (oil field), Anadarko (basin), Canadian and Kingfisher (counties).” The majority of the play is located across (Canadian and Kingfisher as the core counties) and Blaine, Major, Garfield counties. Unlike Plays such as the Eagle Ford, Bakken, Granite Wash, the STACK is not a geological formation, but a geographic referenced area.

Map of Citizen Energy Wells Drilled

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