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200 North Loraine Street Suite 1010

Midland, TX 79701


Company Description

Elevation Resources LLC is a Permian Basin focused exploration & production company with operations in Andrews County on the Central Basin Platform. We were formed in 2013 with financial backing from a group of investors led by Pine Brook Road Partners, whose principals have been investing in the oil industry for over three decades.

Elevation Resources ranks #130 in wells drilled in 2023 with 17 wells drilled in the US


Areas of OperationEagle Ford

Andrews County, TX ranks #17 in the state for BOE produced in the most recent month (Jan 2022). The information below is the summary of oil and gas data that goes back to 1993 and contains information on the 21,294 wells that have been drilled from Jan 1993 to Jan 2022.

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