Targeted eMail Marketing for the Oil & Gas Industry that Drives New Customers

What is eMail Marketing for Oil & Gas?

Email marketing is one of the best marketing channels to reach an oil & gas target audience directly. With high open rates and ability to identify prospects running a robust email marketing campaign should be a top priority if you want to target the oil & gas industry.

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Who is our Oil & Gas Audience?

The first step of the oil & gas email marketing is to have the email addresses of contacts in your target market that open your emails. Our email list is a community of oil & gas professionals located in Western Canada and the US Mid-continent that work in the oil & gas industry for Operators and Service Companies. Our oil & gas email audience are related to all industries from drilling, completions and production.

What is our Oil & Gas eMail Content

The second step is to create compelling oil & gas email content that exiting users want to view & can attract new users. Using our proprietary oil & gas market research we create daily emails news letters that we send to our oil & gas audience. The daily news letters containing your banner ads includes:

  • North American Drilling & Rig Count
  • North American Pipeline Projects
  • North American Oil & Gas Facility Projects

How do we Generate Oil & Gas Leads?

The third step is create a marketing campaign that has a supporting banner ad with a supporting content marketing post. We create a content marketing piece that tells an oil & gas story specific to your product and/or service. We then create a banner ad that creates a call to action for our email subscribers to click on the banner ad or link to the blog post.

Lead Qualification & Follow-up

The Final Step is to create a qualified sales lead from the email marketing campaign. We use marketing tools to track the users who click on the banner ads with the email marketing. We also track the users who visit the landing page created for the email marketing page. We qualify the email subscribers that clicked on the ads to see validate if they are a lead. We also provide you with the company name and contacts of accounts we identified as visitor to the landing page.

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