Importance of Investing in Digital Marketing

Your website can’t promote itself; you need to give it constant care so it can grow and, in turn, grow your business. If your goal is to generate leads, make sales, and build awareness about your company, there is regular work you need to put into your website and other digital assets.

But rather than think of them as tasks, think of each item in your strategy as an investment back into your business. Each dollar and minute you invest in digital marketing strategy has a clear ROI that impacts your bottom line. The best part is thatall these moving pieces work together, boosting the impact of one another.

The ROI of SEO 

We often hear alarming statements like “don’t you just do SEO once and it’s done?”, or “we did SEO a couple of years ago, so we’re good”. Here’s the scariest: “we don’t need SEO, it doesn’t matter in our industry”. Just because you launch a website, doesn’t mean search engines have to show it to people. Google doesn’t owe you anything! To stand a chance of being found by potential customers, you need to meet search engines’ ever-changing requirements in areas like security, quality, freshness, authority, speed, and user experience. 

That comes down to including SEO in your digital marketing strategy. There are two kinds of SEO that should get regular attention: technical SEO (relating to your website as a whole) and on-page SEO (relating to individual content). If you stay on top of optimization, here are the benefits you can expect:

  1. Improved position in search results 
    • SEO is what earns you points for different ranking factors; without a function SEO plan your site can live forever on page 45 of any search engine. 
  2. Increased traffic 
    • If you increase your traffic, you have more potential for conversations. 
  3. Better user experience 
    • Having a better user experience make costumers what to come back and look at your page, which creates a higher conversion rate in sales. 

The ROI of Content Marketing 

Content can be all kinds of things besides a blog. It is about finding the mediums that your audience enjoys, such as: videos, podcast, infographics, research papers and studies. It can take a year or longer to see content marketing ROI, and it is important to stay consistent. 

4 Things to Help you Optimize:

  1. Keyword optimization 
    1. By having strong keyword optimization, you have the opportunity to appear more in internet searches, will overall help your SEO.
  2. Link building 
    • Ranking factors relate to your ability to backlink. If your company can backlink correctly, it will draw people into your website and increase your chance of conversions. 
  3. Lead generation 
    • Who doesn’t want more leads? But implementing and interactive button such as “Click for Details” you automatically have increase your sales funnel. 
  4. Feed your marketing channels 
    • Being consistent with your content helps your information become more visible to the public. Consistency is key to help with you SEO journey. 

If a company wants to see a ROI on SEO and Content marketing, they must put the time in effort in digital media. Without a marketing plan, and a full understanding of what is required for a successful marketing plan your company’s website and go sight unseen to potential customers.

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