Pipeline Construction Western Canada , May 16, 2022

Western Canada Pipeline Construction Summary

Pipeline Construction Western Canada last 7 days (report date May 16, 2022). We are tracking 31 Canadian Oil & Gas Operators who had 66 pipeline permits approved for for a total of 150KM of oil & gas pipeline projects.

  • Pipeline construction permits by top operators & permit count – CNRL (8), Obsidian Energy (5), Tourmaline Oil Corp (5), Cardinal Energy Ltd (4)
  • Pipeline construction permit count by province – Alberta Pipeline Permits (66), Sask Pipeline Permits (0), BC Pipeline Permits (0)
  • Pipeline construction permits by area & project distance – GRANDE PRAIRIE (92KM), O’Chiese (55KM), DRAYTON VALLEY (21KM)
  • Facility Permits with Compressors – total of 4 Operators and 4 permits.

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Western Canada Pipeline Construction Detail

Pipeline permits include gathering or transport pipelines of a liquid, gas or oil through a system of pipes. In addition to these main types of pipelines, there are also four other sub-categories of pipelines: Gathering Lines, Feeder Lines, Transmission Pipelines and Distribution Pipelines. The permits represent all types of pipelines. This section shows pipeline permits that have a new construction component. (Pipeline Construction Western Canada May 16, 2022 report date )

Petroleum pipelines transport oil, oil products and natural gas. In addition to these two main types of pipelines, there are also four other sub-categories of pipelines: Gathering Lines, Feeder Lines, Transmission Pipelines and Distribution Pipelines. The permits represent all types of pipelines.

Pipeline Permits Approved Last Week

Pipeline Project Details

HAMMERHEAD RESOURCES INC.-Permit #59,201-12.52KM-Satellite to pipeline-GRANDE PRAIRIE

Hammerhead Resources is a growth-oriented private company with its corporate headquarters in Calgary, Alberta and operations in the Alberta Deep Basin where it is developing multi-zone, light-oil rich plays.

The Montney is a top quartile North American play, with the Company’s holdings offsetting Seven Generations, Paramount, Shell, XTO, CNRL, RMP and Velvet. Hammerhead Resources holds >200,000 contiguous acres of Montney rights (97% average W.I.) and is actively developing its land position in the heart of the Montney volatile oil window in the Gold Creek, Karr, and Simonette areas of NW Alberta.

Successful Hammerhead Resources well results are demonstrating the areal extent and repeatability of the play on the Company’s acreage. Hammerhead Resources Gold Creek wells compete with the best wells in the basin – at a significantly lower capital cost. The Lower Montney has the potential to add significant upside – early geological and petrophysical analysis are proving encouraging.

HHR expects to concentrate its development activities principally in the Gold Creek and Karr areas, driving continued optimized capital efficiency with the use of multi-well pads in areas of existing infrastructure, combined with implementation of leading completion technologies. HHR believes that its balance sheet strength, industry-leading liquids growth, and secured firm egress differentiate the Company from its peers.

West Lake Energy Corp..- Permit#42,841 – 5.22KM – Well to pipeline -DRAYTON VALLEY

West Lake Energy Corp. is a privately owned, intermediate producer with core assets located in the Lloydminster and Provost areas. West Lake’s strategy is to grow its production base in both
its heavy and medium areas through organic drilling complemented with focused acquisitions.

West Lake has applied advanced drilling and completion techniques, which has allowed its wells to achieve compelling economic returns at sustained low oil prices. West Lake continues to execute on a material multi-year drilling program.

Duvernay Shale natural gas formation located in Alberta harbor 9.6 billion bbl of liquid byproducts and premium light oil. Duvernay Shale is expected to have more marketable oil resource (3.4 billion barrels) than the Bakken Formation in Saskatchewan (1.4 billion barrels) and Montney Formation in Alberta and B.C. (1.1 billion barrels). However, the Duvernay’s oil resource is much smaller than the remaining bitumen reserves in Alberta’s oil sands (165 billion barrels). The Duvernay’s marketable gas resource (76.6 Tcf) is smaller than other unconventional gas resources in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, such as the Montney Formation (449 Tcf), Liard Basin – (219 Tcf) and Horn River Basin (78 Tcf).

WHITECAP RESOURCES  – Permit #57,929 – Satellite to pipeline – 3.2KM- GRANDE PRAIRIE

Whitecap Resources is a Canadian public oil company based in Calgary, Alberta, with operations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Whitecap is an oil weighted growth company that pays a monthly cash dividend to its shareholders while being recognized for storing more CO2 annually than we emit corporately.

Smoky River Region
The properties in our Smoky River Region include Wapiti, Karr, Simonette, Kakwa and Elmworth all located southwest of Grande Prairie, Alberta. The primary reservoirs being developed are the Dunvegan, Cardium, and Montney resource play, all of which are light sweet (39° – 42° API) oil. These reservoirs are characterized by thick oil columns with significant oil in place. This area utilizes pad-based horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing, including extended reach horizontals that exhibit a lower decline profile than in many areas due to the significant oil in place. The Region is comprised of large-scale opportunities and significant inventory setting up Smoky River to provide material future organic growth.

The recent acquisition of Kicking Horse is a continuation of Whitecap’s long-term strategy of selectively consolidating high quality assets in our core operating areas to enhance free funds flow and return of capital to shareholders. The Kicking Horse assets are well positioned in the liquids-rich portion of the Alberta Montney, complement our existing Montney position at Karr and have significant offsetting activity. The Acquisition includes 92 (60.0 net) sections of Montney rights that are 99% operated, with an average working interest of 65%, and provide the potential for further working interest consolidation.

Western Canada Oil & Gas Facility with Compressor Detail

Whitecap Resources Inc. – 03-27-075-09W6

Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd. – 01-12-073-09W6

Tamarack Valley Energy is an oil and gas company involved in the identification, evaluation and operation of resource plays in the Western Canadian sedimentary basin. The Company uses a rigorous, proven modeling process to carefully manage risk and identify growth opportunities. Tamarack’s diversified suite of oil-focused assets provides exposure to the high impact Cardium light oil resource plays in Lochend, Garrington/Harmattan and Buck Lake in Alberta, low cost Viking light oil resource plays in Redwater, Foley Lake and Westlock in Alberta and highly economic heavy oil opportunities southeast of Lloydminster in Saskatchewan.

Paramount Resources Ltd. – 03-13-066-05W6

Paramount Resources’ paramount business is discovery and development of natural gas assets, which accounts for 75% of its production. The company explores for, develops, processes, markets, and transports natural gas and petroleum. It has interests in more than 2.3 million gross acres, primarily in Alberta and elsewhere in Western Canada (the Northwest Territories and British Columbia) and the US (Montana an North Dakota). Paramount Resources has proved plus probable reserves of about 36.4 million barrels of oil equivalent. In 2010 the company acquired oil firm Redcliffe Exploration, and in 2011, Prospex Resources. Company management, led by chairman and CEO Clayton Riddell, controls Paramount Resources.

The company’s multi-layered strategy includes developing conventional oil and gas finds in its core producing areas (such as Kaybob and Grand Prairie in West and Central Alberta), while investing in long term development properties (such as oil sands projects in Northeast Alberta). Paramount Resources is also developing an investment portfolio of oil and gas companies by taking minor stakes in exploration and production firms. Strategic investments in 2008 included oil and gas firms Trilogy (23%) and MGM Energy (17%) and a minority stake in greenhouse gas technology company Paxton Corp.

Canadian Natural Resources Limited 03-06-064-05W4

About Enerlead Pipeline Report Overview

The location of the pipeline permits are the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) located in Western Canada including southwestern Manitoba, southern Saskatchewan, Alberta, northeastern British Columbia.

Pipeline permits are related to petroleum pipelines transport oil, oil products and natural gas. In addition to these two main types of pipelines, there are also four other sub-categories of pipelines: Gathering Lines, Feeder Lines, Transmission Pipelines and Distribution Pipelines. The permits represent all types of pipelines.

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