Permit Summary Western Canada , Oct 25, 2022

Western Canada Permit Summary

The following is a summary of oil & gas pipeline construction permits, well permits and facility permits approves in Western Canada last 7 days (report date Oct 25, 2022). Total Operators approved for permits 69 for 169 total permits.

  • Western Canada Well Permits; 39 Operators had 125 well permits approved. Top Operator by approved permit count is Cenovus Energy Inc. (24)
  • Western Canada Pipeline Permits; 23 Operators had 35 pipeline permits approved. Top Operator by approved permit count is TORXEN RESOURCES LTD. (3)
  • Western Canada Facility Permits; 7 Operators had 9 Facility permits approved. Top Operator by approved permit count is Headwater (2)

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Pipeline Permits

Facility Permits

Well License Permits

Western Canada Pipeline Construction Detail

The following section is a summary of new well permits approved last week in Western Canada.

Western Canada Well Permit Average

Summary of the well permit count and moving average.

Western Canada Well Permits New Operators

Oil & Gas Operators Approved for new well permits last week for the first time since Sept 1 2022

Western Canada Pipeline Construction Detail

The following section is a summary of pipeline permits approved in Western Canada last week. We have also provided details of specific projects.

Pipeline Permits Approved Last Week

Pipeline Project Details


Westbrick is a private oil and gas company formed to utilize proven resource technologies on conventional plays in Canada. The Company has captured an inventory of high quality, low risk liquids-rich gas drilling opportunities and is looking for further opportunities to expand its opportunity base. 

WILLESDEN ranks #23 for wells drilled in Western Canada with 43 wells drilled.  WILLESDEN ranks #3 for most drilled field for Westbrick,

MEG ENERGY CORP. -Permit #62,413- 2.72KM – HARDY

MEG is an energy company focused on sustainable in situ thermal oil production in the southern Athabasca oil region of Alberta, Canada. MEG transports and sells thermal oil (known as Access Western Blend or AWB) to customers throughout North America and internationally.


Founded in April 2014, Astra Oil Corp. a junior oil and natural gas producer. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta,

BERING EXPLORATION COMPANY – #63,311- 2.94KM – Well to pipeline – GARDEN PLAINS

Bering Exploration Company is a private, Alberta-based, exploration, development and production company. We intend to find, develop and operate a substantial reserve base through the drilling of a number of internally-generated prospects. Additionally, we plan to acquire producing properties to supplement existing production.

OBSIDIAN ENERGY LTD. – #34,230- 2.98KM – Well to satellite- WILLESDEN GREEN

Obsidian Energy Ltd. (TSX: OBE) (NYSE: OBE) is an intermediate-sized oil and gas producer with a well-balanced portfolio of high-quality assets producing roughly 30,000 boe per day. These assets, and the organization we have crafted around them, provide the right platform to deliver bottom-line results, and an entrepreneurial spirit that will allow us to succeed in this evolving industry.

Cardium Play has been one of the largest oil fields in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin with production history of almost six decades. … The areas with highest liquid content are Lochend and East Pembina, the highest initial production is typically encountered in Lochend, Willesden Green and Ferrier areas.

Western Canada Oil & Gas Facility with Compressor Detail

Maga Energy Ltd. – 05-27-054-25W4 – New Licence

Ember Resources Inc. – 09-08-043-23W4 – Oil battery  

Headwater Exploration Inc.- 09-34-074-25W4 –  Bitumen battery 

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