Suncor Energy 2021 Budget GUIDANCE $4.5 Billion

Suncor Energy 2021 budget GUIDANCE $4.5 billion and reported production of 780,000 barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) per day.


Suncor Energy 2021 budget program is largely focused on sustaining capital ($2.9 – $3.4 billion which includes In Situ well pads) given the major planned maintenance programs in Oil Sands upgrading operations, Syncrude and Downstream refineries. These investments are critical to ensure continued safe, reliable and efficient operations. Despite the increased level of maintenance across the asset base in 2021, including the five-year planned maintenance turnaround at Base Plant Upgrader 2 and planned maintenance at the largest Syncrude coker, our sustaining capital is below the midpoint of $2.75 to $3.75 billion targeted sustaining capital range. This reflects the cost reduction actions taken in 2020.

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Free Funds Flow

Suncor Energy 2021 budget approximately $250 million of the 2021 capital program is allocated towards free funds flow growth projects across the business excluding the Cogeneration Facility at Base Plant (Cogen) to replace the existing coke fired boilers. A final decision on re-starting the construction of the Cogen will be made in 2021. As demonstrated in 2020, Suncor Energy 2021 budget capital guidance range will remain flexible and agile depending on commodity prices and accommodates the potential restart of the Cogeneration Facility.


Suncor Energy 2021 budget is based on an average expected upstream production of 740,000 to 780,000 boe/d represents a year over year production increase of approximately 10% compared to the midpoint guidance range of 2020.

Suncor’s Oil Sands operations cash operating costs(1) per barrel are expected to reduce by 8% to $26.00 – $28.50 when compared to the 2020 guidance midpoint. These costs include the impact of the five-year major planned maintenance turnaround at Base Plant Upgrader 2. The turnaround activities will begin in the second quarter of 2021. A portion of the reduced synthetic crude oil volumes will be offset by increasing bitumen sales and optimizing the value of the interconnecting pipelines between our Base Plant and Syncrude.

Suncor Fort Hills expected production of 65,000 to 85,000 barrels per day (bbls/d), net to Suncor, represents a 20% increase when compared to the midpoint guidance range in 2020. The increased Fort Hills production is grounded in long-term value creation ensuring a disciplined focus on costs by maintaining the operating and capital costs savings achieved in 2020. Suncor will operate Fort Hills with structurally lower costs and continue to work with the joint venture partners on a plan to operate the asset at nameplate post 2021. Through the emphasis on cost reduction and maximizing cash flow of each barrel, Fort Hills cash operating costs(1) per barrel are anticipated to be reduced by approximately 20% to $25.00 – $29.00 when compared to the 2020 guidance midpoint.

As announced on Nov. 23, the Syncrude joint venture owners have reached an agreement in principle for Suncor to take over operatorship of the Syncrude asset by the end of 2021. The commissioning of the interconnecting pipelines between our Base Plant and Syncrude is near completion. The pipelines are expected to enter into operation in December. These important milestones are expected to enable further improved operational performance and drive down the overall joint venture cost structure. Syncrude expected production includes the impact of planned maintenance of the largest coker unit (150,000 bbls/d) which is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2021. Syncrude cash operating costs(1) per barrel are expected to reduce by 6% to $32.00 – $35.00 when compared to the 2020 guidance midpoint.

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Suncor Energy Well Permits & Wells Spud

The oil and gas industry is highly regulated by Government agencies. One of the responsibilities is to approve well permits. A well permit is the intent of an oil & gas operator to drill a new well. Well permits include oil wells, gas wells, water wells and more..

Spudding is the process of beginning to drill a well in the oil and gas industry. … After the surface hole is completed, the main drill bit—which performs the task of drilling to the total depth—is inserted and this process can also be referred to as “spudding in.”

Suncor well permits and wells drilled last 3 years

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Suncor Energy 2021 budget focus is on the Oil sands. This is a naturally occurring mixture of sand, clay or other minerals, water and bitumen, which is a heavy and extremely viscous oil. It must be processed before it can be used by refineries to produce fuels such as gasoline and diesel.

Canada’s oil sands are found in three regions within Alberta and Saskatchewan: Athabasca, Cold Lake and Peace River, which combined cover an area more than 142,000 square kilometres (km2).

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About Suncor Energy

Suncor Energy is Canada’s leading integrated energy company. Suncor’s operations include oil sands development and upgrading, offshore oil and gas production, petroleum refining, and product marketing under the Petro-Canada brand. A member of Dow Jones Sustainability indexes, FTSE4Good and CDP, Suncor is working to responsibly develop petroleum resources while also growing a renewable energy portfolio. Suncor is listed on the UN Global Compact 100 stock index. Suncor’s common shares (symbol: SU) are listed on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges.

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