Teine Energy Ltd


520 – 3 Avenue SW

Calgary, Alberta T2P 0R3
1 (403) 698-8300

Company Description

With productive assets in Alberta and Saskatchewan, we are a low-cost operator, focused on scalable, long-term profitability.

Teine Energy Ltd ranks #3 in wells drilled in 2022 with 251 wells drilled in Western Canada.


Areas of Operation

Viking is an established oil play that has produced oil and gas from conventional reservoirs since the 1950’s. From a geological point of view, the play has been delineated by more than 8,000 vertical wells. This is a low risk light oil resource style play with a large amount of original oil in place that is second only to the Cardium and has one of the lowest recoveries estimated at ~4%. The formation covers a large part of western Canada and extends over most of Saskatchewan. It is mostly gas bearing with oil production restricted to west-central Saskatchewan in the Kindersley-Dodsland area.

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