Texas Oil & Gas Pipeline and Facility Projects June 21, 2021

Project Summary

Texas oil & gas pipeline and facility project permits last 7 days report dated June 21 2021 is tracking 22 Oil & Gas and Mid Stream Operators that had 44 pipeline and facilities approved permits.

  • Top Oil & Gas Operators approved for a facility permits include; Oryx Midstream (9 permits), Pioneer Natural Resources Company (6 permits), Energy Transfer (3 Permits), PEREGRINE PETROLEUM PRTNR, LTD. (3 Permits)
  • Top Counties approved for a facility permits include; Martin (5), Upton (5), Midland (3), Reeves (3)
  • Top Oil & Gas Operators approved for a pipeline permits include; Cogent Midstream (1 permit), Oryx Midstream (1 permit)

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Texas Pipeline Projects

Pipeline permits include gathering or transport pipelines of a liquid, gas or oil through a system of pipes. In addition to these main types of pipelines, there are also four other sub-categories of pipelines: Gathering Lines, Feeder Lines, Transmission Pipelines and Distribution Pipelines. The permits represent all types of pipelines. Source Texas pipeline and facility project permits June 14 2021

Texas T4 Pipeline Permits

Texas Pipeline Construction

Texas Oil & Gas Facility Permits

Facilities are a system of vessels, piping, valves, tanks and other equipment that are used to gather, process, measure, store or dispose of petroleum, natural gas or water. … The upstream facility network includes equipment for the handling of oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids, and water.  Source Texas pipeline and facility project permits May 25 2021

We have 3 types of permits related to construction of new facilities the Permit Type is related to the stage of the project. 

  • Notify New – Prior to construction, a notification with basic information must be submitted.
  • Initial -Ninety days after submitting the Initial Project Notification, a more detailed registration for the standard permit is required.  This could be related to existing plant maintenance
  • Revision – Permit approved with a revision to the permit. This could be related to existing plant maintenance

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Facility and Pipeline Project Details

Texas Facilities Interesting Projects

Conocophillips Permit #RN111278958 GENELLE BA-HARRELL USW A 1 near HELENA TX

ConocoPhillips sees the US’ Eagle Ford Shale as its current main domestic activity focus. 

We’re still sitting on thousands of [potential drilling targets] in the heart of the sweet spot in the Eagle Ford,” Fox said. “All the infrastructure is there, and transportation costs are low.”

The play also “produces less gas than the Permian, at least on the Delaware side, and it’s a lower cost of supply than the sweet spot in the Permian,” he said.

ConocoPhillips has a Permian Basin operation, too, in the Delaware sub-basin, but it is less mature, and the company is taking time to figure out how to develop the popular play in the optimal manner, which it also did some years ago in the Eagle Ford.

Map of Well Permits and table of permits located GENELLE lease

Source Texas pipeline and facility project permits June 21 2021

Map of Well Permits and table of permits located GENELLE lease


The Permian Midland system consists of approximately 7,000 miles of natural gas gathering pipelines and fifteen processing plants with an aggregate nameplate capacity of 2,399 MMcf/d, all located within the Permian Basin in West Texas. Ten of these plants and 4,900 miles of gathering pipelines belong to a joint venture (“WestTX”), in which we have an approximate 72.8% ownership. Pioneer, a major producer in the Permian Basin, owns the remaining interest in the WestTX system. In addition, we are constructing the Heim Plant, a 200 MMcf/d cryogenic natural gas processing plant, which was relocated from our North Texas system to our Permian Midland system. The Heim Plant is expected to begin operations in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Facility Permits 

Source Texas pipeline and facility project permits June 21 2021


Oryx has 9 facility approved last week related to maintenance.

Based in Midland, Texas, Oryx is a growth-oriented energy company offering superior, integrated midstream solutions for natural gas, crude oil, condensate, and NGL commodities. We have assets in the Delaware and Midland Basins and are dedicated to growing exclusively in the Permian.

By focusing our efforts in one area, we can continue to be a leader in the region, developing a profound understanding of the challenges facing producers and a deeper knowledge of the market and the opportunities it presents.

Oryx midstream network


ExxonMobil’s state-of-the-art campus north of Houston serves as home to its Upstream, Downstream, Chemicals and XTO Energy companies and their associated service groups. The facility opened in 2014 and accommodates more than 10,000 employees and visitors.


Texas Pipeline Projects

COGENT MIDSTREAM Permit #10283 5 miles new pipeline IRION Texas

Cogent Midstream provides a full complement of tailored midstream services designed to create efficiencies and value for the Midland Basin’s leading producers. Natural gas services include gas gathering, compression and processing. Crude oil services include gathering, transportation, and third-party condensate stabilization. Cogent’s highly experienced team is dedicated to operational excellence and creative, flexible solutions that help customers access premium markets and maximize netbacks. Cogent is headquartered in Dallas and backed by growth capital commitments from EnCap Flatrock Midstream

COGENT MIDSTREAM Permit #10283 5 miles new pipeline IRION Texas

ORYX Permit #6147 2 miles pipeline addition to existing pipeline 

See table below for details 

ORYX Permit #6147 2 miles pipeline addition to existing pipeline

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