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What are Tubular Products?

“Tubular products” is a more general term that encompasses a range of steel pipes used in the oil and gas industry. This includes drill pipe, casing, tubing, and other steel tubes used in drilling, production, and transportation of oil and gas. Tubular products are also known as OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) it is a broad term that encompasses a range of seamless or welded steel pipes, tubing, and casing used in the oil and gas industry. It includes drill pipe, casing, and tubing used in various stages of oil and gas exploration, drilling, production, and transportation.

Purpose and Function of Tubular Products:

  • Drill Pipe – Drill pipe is used to facilitate the drilling process. It is a hollow steel pipe with threaded connections on both ends that transmits drilling fluid and rotational force from the surface to the drill bit. Drill pipe provides a conduit for drilling mud to circulate, which cools the drill bit and carries cuttings to the surface.
  • Drill Casing (Casing): Drill casing is used to support the wellbore and maintain its structural integrity. It is a steel pipe installed in the wellbore to prevent the hole from collapsing and to isolate different geological formations. Casing also serves to control well pressure and protect groundwater sources.

Tubular Suppliers in Texas

There are several OCTG pipe suppliers in the Permian Basin, which is a major oil and gas producing region in the United States. Here are a few well-known OCTG pipe suppliers that operate in the Permian Basin:

  1. Energy Pipe & Equipment Rentals: they have over 70 years combined experience in the oil and gas business geared toward drilling, work overs, and completions. From AFE to completion and each phase in between, our combined years of experience enables us to provide you with effective and economic solutions.
  2. Tenaris: Tenaris is a global manufacturer and supplier of steel pipes and related services for the energy industry. They have a strong presence in the Permian Basin and offer a wide range of OCTG products, including drill pipes.
  3. Vallourec: Vallourec is another prominent supplier of premium tubular solutions, including OCTG pipes. They have a significant presence in the Permian Basin and provide a variety of pipe products for drilling and production operations.
  4. TMK Group: TMK Group is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of steel pipes. They offer a comprehensive range of OCTG products suitable for the Permian Basin’s drilling needs, including drill pipes and casing.
  5. Hunting Energy Services: Hunting Energy Services is a well-established supplier of oilfield equipment and services, including OCTG products. They provide a range of OCTG pipes and accessories for drilling and completion operations in the Permian Basin.
  6. U. S. Steel Tubular Products: U. S. Steel Tubular Products is a division of United States Steel Corporation and is one of the largest tubular product manufacturers in North America. They offer a wide range of OCTG pipes and related services, including drill pipes, for the Permian Basin and other oil and gas regions.

Tubular Products Purchase Types

In the oil and gas industry, acquiring tubulars (such as pipes, casing, tubing) can be done through various methods, including purchasing or renting. The choice between purchasing or renting depends on factors like project duration, capital availability, operational needs, and overall cost considerations. Here are the different ways to acquire tubulars:

  1. Direct Purchase:
    • Outright Purchase: Companies can buy tubulars directly from manufacturers, suppliers, or distributors. This ownership model allows for full control and possession of the tubulars.
    • Bulk Purchase: Purchasing in bulk quantities may lead to bulk discounts, making it cost-effective for long-term projects or when a significant quantity of tubulars is needed.
  2. Long-Term Rental or Lease:
    • Lease Agreements: Enter into long-term lease agreements with rental companies or suppliers to use the tubulars for a specified period. This option can be cost-effective for projects with extended durations.
    • Lease-to-Own: Some agreements allow for rental payments to contribute towards eventual ownership, providing an option to purchase the tubulars after a specified period.
  3. Short-Term Rental:
    • Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Rentals: Rent tubulars on a short-term basis for specific projects, allowing flexibility and cost control based on project requirements.
    • Emergency or Temporary Needs: Rent tubulars for emergency situations, repairs, or temporary operations, providing a quick solution without a long-term commitment.
  4. Rent-to-Purchase:
    • Trial Rental with Purchase Option: Rent the tubulars for an initial period with an option to purchase them at a later date, allowing for evaluation of the equipment before committing to ownership.
  5. Third-Party Rental Companies:
    • Rental Companies: Utilize services of specialized rental companies that offer a range of tubulars for rent. These companies often have a fleet of well-maintained equipment available for various needs.
  6. Industry Exchanges and Hubs:
    • Utilize Industry Platforms: Use online platforms or industry exchanges where companies can list their available tubulars for rental or purchase, facilitating a marketplace for transactions.
  7. Collaborative Agreements:
    • Collaborate with Other Operators: Establish agreements with other operators or service companies to share tubulars, optimizing usage and reducing costs for all parties involved.
  8. Custom Agreements and Negotiations:
    • Tailored Agreements: Negotiate custom purchase or rental agreements based on specific project requirements, budget constraints, and the supplier’s capabilities.

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