Thermal Imaging Cameras Manufactures

Thermal imaging cameras are widely used throughout the oil and gas industry as preventative maintenance tools that help spot leaks in tanks, pipelines and facilities thereby improving safety, profitability and minimizing emissions with less risk of business interruption due to actions from regulatory agencies.

The following document compares some of the digital cameras used in the oil & gas industry.

Sensia Solutions S.L.

RedLook functionality Spill Detection offers industry an advanced solution to detect surface liquid. Based on leak emissivity characteristics and temperature difference, small size leaks are detected in real time.

Traditional monitoring systems for pipelines and mining industry cannot detect small leaks early enough. RedLook Spill Detection functionality detects and alerts on small leaks and spills as they occur.

  • Typical performance: 10 cm2 spills can be detected from 50m
  • Unmanned monitoring of well pads


Silent Sentinel

Our product portfolio consists of short to long range thermal cameras, HD and 4K visible cameras, ultra-low light cameras, and accompanying technologies including SWIR, laser ranger finders, illuminators, gyro stabilisation and more.

In particular, we are specialists in long range uncooled (LWIR) thermal cameras, and manufacturing multi sensor platforms. However, we also provide Cooled (MWIR) thermal cameras, allowing us to meet demanding requirements.

Furthermore, our cameras are designed to meet the harsh and challenging environments associated with the protection of critical infrastructure. Examples include transport hubs, maritime security, border and perimeter security, as well as military applications.


Teledyne FLIR LLC

Oil and Gas producers have to take on a range of responsibilities, from detecting leaks to meeting environmental regulations, maintaining site security and system integrity. How companies address these issues often depends upon whether they are upstream, midstream, or downstream producers. Read on to learn about Oil and Gas applications and the FLIR products that can help inspectors, managers, and technicians solve problems quickly and avoid expensive shutdowns.

FLIR optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras are used throughout the Oil and Gas industry to detect methane and other hydrocarbon emissions from the extraction, transmission, and processing of petroleum and natural gas. These cameras visualize hundreds of invisible gases, allowing inspectors, engineers, and maintenance crews to identify leaks safely without having to shut down critical systems.


IRCameras LLC.

IRC offers a full range of infrared cameras across all infrared wavelength regions. From high performance Science cameras to OEM cores to optical gas imagers, we provide the industry’s broadest selection of high-performance near, short and long wave infrared imaging systems. Through our commitment to flexible product design, we offer customized solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding IR imaging applications.


Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc.

Hydrocarbon gas leaks can be difficult to detect, expensive to reconcile, wasteful, and destructive to the environment. Thermal imaging technology is an invaluable tool for companies committed to solving these problems.

  • Designed for airborne optical gas imaging
  • Designed for integration
  • Survey large areas quickly and efficiently
  • Detect and monitor from a safe distance
  • Low SWaP design easy to integrate 
  • Cooled mid-wave provides highest-quality results