85% of expert marketers say that lead generation marketing is the most important element in their marketing arsenal. Yet only 42% of business owners have an active plan in place. Lead generation is the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services.

Oilgasleads (OGL) a Calgary company and we are experts in creating and distributing valuable and compelling digital marketing content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly define target market in the oil & gas industry with the objective of driving profitable actions for our customers.  Our customers are oil & gas services companies who sell to oil & gas Operators.  Our product is Enerlead Content Marketing (ECM) that generates brand & product awareness by using our proprietary oil & gas digital marketing content combined with our customer brand and product info, we leverage our digital channels that include Linkedin, email and blogging to create a digital marketing experience for our customers. 

An Oil & Gas Service customer engages OGL for a 90 day Enerlead Content Marketing (ECM) program that includes the development of 60 pieces of original oil & gas content, 60 Linkedin post to a network of 13000+ oil & gas professional, 60 emails to 2000+ oil & gas professionals and 12 blogs posts.   The customers brand & products will be viewed over 100,000 times by the oil and gas network we have built creating brand awareness and new sales leads.