Ensign Energy Services

Ensign Energy Services has close to 60+ rigs that spud wells in the US in 2023. The top 5 Operators by rig count that use Ensign rigs include; DIAMONDBACK (8), ENDEAVOR (5), PIONEER (5), Oxy (4), CALIFORNIA RESOURCES CORPORATION (3). Ensign is the #4 drilling contractor by number of different rigs that spud wells drilling rigs in North America in 2023.

Ensign is a global leader in oilfield services, headquartered out of Calgary, Alberta, operating in Canada, the United States and internationally. We are one of the world’s top land-based drilling and well servicing contractors serving crude oil, natural gas, and geothermal operators.

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Ensign Wells Spud 2023

Ensign US Rig Map

  • Drilling rigs by State; TX (42), NM (1), CO (8), WY (3), CA (8)

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