Arbor Renewable Gas wants to spend more than $1 billion to build a facility in Beaumont TX.

Arbor Renewable Gas produces renewable gasoline and hydrogen from waste wood and forest residue. The proposed area for the arbor investment zone falls between Highway 347 and Highway 69, near the Beaumont city limits would potentially be a four-phase project, with an initial $325 million investment creating 20 permanent jobs, and up to 300 construction jobs in Beaumont.

They are going to make renewable gasoline out of woody biomass they are going to mix their product with conventional gasoline, and it becomes renewable gasoline.”

The company claims to be the first of its kind in the U.S., and said that their gasoline could be shipped to California to help meet renewable fuel standards in the state.

Abor Renewable Gas is one of the world’s leading developers of industrial scale renewable gasoline and renewable hydrogen facilities, supplying low carbon fuels to facilitate a clean energy economy. These negative carbon fuels offset traditional hydrocarbon based fuels thereby lowering the CO2 emissions of the vehicle fleet. By using waste wood as our feedstock, we can not only make renewable gasoline and hydrogen, but we also eliminate the greenhouse gas emissions that are associated with the natural breakdown of wood fibers in the environment. Arbor’s process also provides a market and use for waste wood, thereby eliminating the fuel for forest fires.

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