ARC Resources 2021 Budget GUIDANCE $450M

ARC’s Resources 2021 budget guidance for 2021 will range from $375 million to $425 million and focus on maximizing the generation of free funds flow. The capital program centres around ARC’s principles of capital discipline, profitability, and financial strength, and will deliver sustainable returns to shareholders through the continuation of ARC’s quarterly dividend of $0.06 per share. Advancing the Company’s ESG leadership and performance, and upholding ARC’s strong safety culture, will continue to be top priorities in 2021.

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ARC plans to sustain its production at Dawson, Sunrise, Parkland/Tower, and Ante Creek, with approximately 80 per
cent of the 2021 capital budget directed at profitable half-cycle investments. Additionally, ARC plans to complete two
small-scale facility optimization projects at Sunrise and Parkland/Tower to enhance the assets’ overall deliverability
and profitability. ARC expects to deliver average daily production of between 158,000 boe per day and 165,000 boe
per day in 2021, of which approximately 80 per cent is natural gas and 20 per cent is crude oil and liquids.

Oil & Gas News

Arc Resources Map of Drilling Activity Last 2 Years

The location of the drilling by Arc Resources is in the the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) located in Western Canada including southwestern Manitoba, southern Saskatchewan, Alberta, northeastern British Columbia. Arc drilling focus is Alberta & BC.

Map of Arc Resources Drilling Western Canada

Arc Resources Well Permits & Wells Drilled

The chart shows Arc Resources well permits and wells drilled in Western Canada last few years. The oil and gas industry is highly regulated by Government agencies. One of the responsibilities is to approve well permits. A well permit is the intent of an oil & gas operator to drill a new well. Well permits include oil wells, gas wells, water wells and more.. Spudding is the process of beginning to drill a well in the oil and gas industry. … After the surface hole is completed, the main drill bit—which performs the task of drilling to the total depth—is inserted and this process can also be referred to as “spudding in.”

Chart of Arc Resources well permits and wells drilled

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About Arc Resources

Over the years, ARC has created a rigorous and detailed strategic process. Adherence to this process has put us in an advantaged position, in which we can grow strategically, take managed risks, hire the best talent, and be flexible in a changing environment. 

Financial Sustainability and Return on Investment

Arc Resources are committed to paying a meaningful dividend and maintaining a strong balance sheet while delivering competitive returns and creating value for shareholders. With our disciplined, long-term focus on generating returns while managing risk, we demonstrate financial sustainability in all areas of our business. 

High Performance People and Culture

ARC has built a high performing, diverse and committed team that is passionate about achieving strong results. ARC’s strong culture of trust, respect, integrity and accountability is the foundation that inspires and motivates our teams to deliver their best performance while meaningfully contributing to ARC’s long-term business success.

High-quality Assets and Operational Excellence

ARC has built a commodity-diverse portfolio of world-class, low-cost assets.  We operate with a recognized standard of excellence to generate profitable returns from our investments and manage our operating and capital costs to assure value creation across our business. We are leaders in safety performance and responsible development.

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