CSV Midstream Albright Gas Plant Project

Last week the AER CSV Midstream Solutions Corp. has submitted an application under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act to construct the Albright Sour Gas Processing Plant at LSD 13 of Section 34 Township 72 Range 9 West of the 6th Meridian (approximately 11.5 km northeast of Beaverlodge). The primary activity of the Plant will be to separate and remove acid gas from raw sour gas for Operators in Wembley, which is in the greater Wapiti-Montney area.

Permit Details

CSV Midstream

CSV Midstream is a Calgary-based company offering full services for complete midstream solutions. With a vision to advance midstream, they provide innovative, sustainable strategies in the engineering, design, construction, operation and management of natural gas, NGL, and crude oil processing assets, including sweet and sour gas processing, liquids handling, fractionation, pipelines and partial upgrading of bitumen. CSV Midstream’s primary focus is the developing natural gas energy industry in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin together with the continued development of Western Canada’s crude oil reserves.

Lateral Completions Dissolvable Frac Plug

Montney Formation

The Montney formation in West Central Alberta and Northeast British Columbia ranks from the perspective of economics and scale as one of the top resource plays in North America. The Montney is a tight gas play straddling the border of northwest Alberta and northeast British Columbia in Canada. The Montney is a Triassic formation with shoreface sandstones, siltstones and turbidites. Development has mainly focused on the Upper Montney, however operators are testing the liquids potential of the Middle and Lower Montney. Generally, British Columbia Montney wells have high gas rates while Alberta Montney wells have stronger liquids rates.

The Montney formation’s marketable, unconventional petroleum potential has been evaluated for the first time in a joint assessment by the National Energy Board, the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission, the Alberta Energy Regulator, and the British Columbia Ministry of Natural Gas Development. The thick and geographically extensive siltstones of the Montney Formation are expected to contain:

  • 12,719 billion m3 (449 Tcf) of marketable natural gas,
  • 2,308 million m3 (14,521 million barrels) of marketable NGLs, and
  • 179 million m3 (1,125 million barrels) of marketable oil.

The Montney delivers competitive development economics and has many long-term, large-scale development opportunities that will create value for years to come.

Major Projects in the Area

Keyera Energy Ltd. has submitted an application under the Envrionmental Protection and Enhancement Act for a Conservation and Reclamation approval to construct the Key Access Pipeline System (KAPS) Project. The Project will transport NGL (C3+) and condensate (C5+) from Keyera’s Pipestone Plant, currently under construction in the Grande Prairie area in SW 07-073-08 W6M. The low vapour pressure condensate (nominal pipe size [NPS] 16-inch diameter) pipeline will tie-into the existing Keyera condensate system in NW 18-055-21 W4M and the high vapour pressure (HVP) NGL pipeline (NPS 12-inch diameter) will tie-into Keyera’s Fort Saskatchewan Fractionation and Storage Facility (KFS) in SE 14-055-22 W4M. 

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