Digital Marketing Report Card – Whitecap Resources to acquire Kicking Horse

The digital marketing report card for the Whitecap Resources posts was C+ the following is an overview of the post score.

This week we posted a news article “Whitecap Resources to acquire Kicking Horse Oil & Gas for $300M” the following is the digital scorecard related to the post. The goal of digital content is to convert page views to qualified leads. The following scorecard rates how effective the digital post was at creating a qualified lead.

Social Score A+

The Digital Marketing Report Card Whitecap post was A+. We created a blog post that provided details related to Whitecap Resources announcement of its acquisition of Kicking Horse. The result of the Linkedin post was outstanding with 9000 views. 142 reactions and 10 shares. We achieved our goal of creating brand awareness and driving traffic to

Webpage Views B-

Digital Marketing Report Card Whitecap was a B-. The blog post had great views with 278 views in less than 1 week. The page would have been an A+ had the “views per user” been higher. In Google Analytics, “Pages / Session” is calculated by dividing the total number of pageviews by the total number of sessions.

Page Rank D-

Our post did not show-up on the the top 3 pages of our focus key phrase of “Whitecap Resources acquire Kicking Horse”. We need more content on our website related to Whitecap to be considered and subject matter expert.

Conversions D-

The goal is to take the viewer of the content through the sales digital sales funnel and have the user download content related to specific products and services. We did have some “events”, but did not achieve and conversions.


The “Whitecap Resources to acquire Kicking Horse Oil & Gas for $300M” was a great post for building a “Brand“, it helped in building more content related to “SEO” related to Whitecap Resources. We need to work on converting the leads into qualified sales leads.

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