Marathon Oil Reports First Quarter 2022 Results

HOUSTON, May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Marathon Oil Corporation (NYSE:MRO) reported first quarter 2022 net income of $1,304 million, or $1.78 per diluted share, which includes the impact of certain items not typically represented in analysts’ earnings estimates and that would otherwise affect comparability of results. The adjusted net income was $749 million, or $1.02 per diluted share. Net operating cash flow was $1,067 million, or $1,280 million before changes in working capital.

  • Outstanding first quarter financial delivery highlighted by $940 million of adjusted free cash flow at 27% reinvestment rate
    • Returned 50% of first quarter cash flow from operations (CFO) to equity investors through $592 million of share repurchases and $52 million base dividend
    • First quarter oil-equivalent production of 345,000 net boed; oil production of 168,000 net bopd
  • Continue to build on peer-leading return of capital track record, exceeding minimum commitment to return at least 40% of CFO to equity investors
    • Returned approximately 60% of CFO to equity investors through share repurchases and dividends over trailing two quarters
    • Executed $1.6 billion of share repurchases since October 1st, reducing share count by 11%; includes $900 million of share repurchases year-to-date1
    • Board of Directors approved increasing share repurchase authorization to $2.5 billion as of May 4th
    • Raised quarterly base dividend by approximately 15%; fifth consecutive quarterly base dividend raise for cumulative increase of 167% since beginning of 2021
  • Expect over $4.5 billion of 2022 adjusted free cash flow at a reinvestment rate of approximately 20% on a $1.3 billion capital budget, assuming $100/bbl WTI and $6/MMBtu Henry Hub
    • Uplift of $1.5 billion in adjusted free cash flow from original 2022 financial outlook at $80/bbl WTI and $4/MMBtu Henry Hub and a reduction in the Company’s expected reinvestment rate
    • Updated 2022 capital budget incorporates 8% inflation adjustment to reflect sustained $100/bbl WTI and $6/MMBtu commodity price environment
    • Raising 2022 Equatorial Guinea equity income guidance by $200 million

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“Amid tremendous macro volatility, Marathon Oil remains resolutely focused on delivering on all elements of our framework for success, including strong corporate returns, sustainable free cash flow generation, market-leading return of capital to shareholders, and ESG excellence,” said Chairman, President, and CEO Lee Tillman. “Our constancy of purpose, differentiated execution, and commitment to providing investors with the first call on cash flow through our unique percentage of cash flow framework are all paying off. In the last two quarters, we’ve returned approximately 60% of our total CFO back to our equity investors, meaningfully exceeding our minimum 40% commitment. We’ve executed $1.6 billion of share repurchases over the last seven months, driving significant per share growth through an 11% reduction to our outstanding share count, and have announced five consecutive increases to our quarterly base dividend. With over $4.5 billion of adjusted free cash flow generation expected this year, we remain well positioned to continue delivering financial results and return of capital that are compelling not only relative to the best companies in energy, but relative to the best in the S&P 500.”Return of Capital

Marathon Oil’s percentage of CFO framework provides clear visibility to significant return of capital to equity investors and ensures the shareholder gets the first call on cash flow generation. In a $60/bbl WTI or higher price environment, the Company targets returning a minimum of 40% of CFO to equity investors. Over the last two quarters, Marathon Oil has significantly exceeded this minimum commitment, returning approximately 60% of CFO to equity investors. In the current environment, Marathon Oil’s preferred return of capital approach includes a competitive and sustainable base dividend in addition to significant share repurchases.

Since October 1st, Marathon Oil has executed more than $1.6 billion of share repurchases, reducing its outstanding share count by 11%. This includes approximately $900 million of share repurchases year-to-date.

During first quarter, Marathon Oil returned 50% of CFO to equity investors, again exceeding its minimum 40% commitment. First quarter return of capital included $592 million of share repurchases and the $52 million base dividend.

Additionally, the Company’s Board of Directors approved an increase in total share repurchase authorization to $2.5 billion, as of May 4th. The Board also approved an increase of approximately 15% to the quarterly base dividend, from 7 cents per share to 8 cents per share. This is the fifth consecutive increase to the quarterly base dividend, representing a cumulative increase of 167% since the beginning of 2021.1Q22 Financials

CASH FLOW AND CAPEX: Net cash provided by operations was $1,067 million during first quarter 2022, or $1,280 million before changes in working capital. First quarter cash additions to property, plant, and equipment totaled $332 million, while capital expenditures (accrued) totaled $348 million.

FREE CASH FLOW: Marathon Oil generated $940 million of adjusted free cash flow during first quarter.

BALANCE SHEET AND LIQUIDITY: Marathon Oil ended first quarter with total liquidity of $3.8 billion, which consisted of an undrawn revolving credit facility of $3.1 billion and $681 million in cash and cash equivalents. The Company’s first quarter cash balance of $681 million represents an increase of approximately $100 million from the year-end cash balance of $580 million, inclusive of share repurchases and a negative working capital impact.

ADJUSTMENTS TO NET INCOME: The adjustments to net income for first quarter reduced adjusted net income by $555 million, primarily due to income recognized from a partial release of the valuation allowance on deferred tax assets, partially offset by the income impact associated with unrealized losses on derivative instruments, and other miscellaneous items.1Q22 Operations

UNITED STATES (U.S.): U.S. production averaged 281,000 net barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed) for first quarter 2022. Oil production averaged 158,000 net barrels of oil per day (bopd). The Company brought a total of 57 gross Company-operated wells to sales during first quarter, consistent with guidance for 50 to 60 wells to sales. U.S. unit production costs averaged $5.59 per boe during first quarter.

Marathon Oil’s first quarter production in the Eagle Ford averaged 80,000 net boed, including 53,000 net bopd of oil, with 28 gross Company-operated wells to sales. In the Bakken, production averaged 118,000 net boed, including 77,000 net bopd of oil, with 20 gross Company-operated wells to sales. In Oklahoma, production averaged 52,000 net boed, including 12,000 net bopd of oil, with 9 gross Company-operated wells to sales. Northern Delaware production averaged 20,000 net boed, including 11,000 net bopd of oil.

INTERNATIONAL: Equatorial Guinea production averaged 64,000 net boed for first quarter 2022, including 10,000 net bopd of oil. First quarter sales averaged 61,000 net boed, including 8,000 net bopd of oil, as the asset was underlifted on the quarter. Unit production costs averaged $1.92 per boe. Net income from equity method investees totaled $127 million during first quarter. The Company received $54 million of total cash distributions from equity method companies during first quarter in the form of dividends and return of capital.Guidance

Marathon Oil’s original 2022 financial outlook included over $3 billion of adjusted free cash flow generation at a reinvestment rate of less than 30% on a  $1.2 billion capital budget, assuming $80/bbl WTI and $4/MMBtu Henry Hub. At $100/bbl WTI and $6/MMBtu Henry Hub, the Company expects to generate over $4.5 billion of 2022 adjusted free cash flow at a reinvestment rate of approximately 20% on an inflation-adjusted capital budget of $1.3 billion. 2022 production guidance remains unchanged, as the Company continues to expect oil and oil-equivalent production to remain flat with the 2021 averages. The Company is also raising its 2022 E.G. equity income guidance by $200 million, to a new range of $480 million to $520 million.

A slide deck and Quarterly Investor Packet will be posted to the Company’s website following this release today, May 4. On Thursday, May 5, at 9:00 a.m. ET, the Company will conduct a question and answer webcast/call, which will include forward-looking information. The live webcast, replay and all related materials will be available at

Consolidated Statements of Income (Unaudited)Three Months Ended
Mar. 31Dec. 31Mar. 31
(In millions, except per share data)202220212021
Revenues and other income:
     Revenues from contracts with customers$         1,761$         1,732$         1,177
     Net gain (loss) on commodity derivatives(143)15(153)
     Income (loss) from equity method investments1277444
     Net gain (loss) on disposal of assets(27)
     Other income863
          Total revenues and other income1,7531,8001,071
Costs and expenses:
     Shipping, handling and other operating185189152
     Depreciation, depletion and amortization423516496
     Taxes other than income10410974
     General and administrative736489
          Total costs and expenses9481,061954
Income (loss) from operations805739117
     Net interest and other(22)(59)(13)
     Other net periodic benefit (costs) credits433
Income (loss) before income taxes787683107
     Provision (benefit) for income taxes(517)3410
Net income (loss)$         1,304$            649$              97
Adjusted Net Income (Loss)
Net income (loss)$         1,304$            649$              97
Adjustments for special items (pre-tax):
     Net (gain) loss on disposal of assets27
     Proved property impairments1
     Exploratory dry well costs, unproved property impairments and other16
     Pension settlement1
     Unrealized (gain) loss on derivative instruments114(146)82
     Unrealized (gain) loss on interest rate swaps2643(41)
     Reduction in workforce11
Benefit for income taxes related to special items (a)(37)(3)
Valuation allowance(685)
Adjustments for special items(555)(57)69
Adjusted net income (loss) (b)$            749$            592$            166
Per diluted share:
     Net income (loss)$           1.78$           0.84$           0.12
     Adjusted net income (loss) (b)$           1.02$           0.77$           0.21
     Weighted average diluted shares732773789

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