Why Should Oil & Gas Outsource Sales

Why you should oil & gas outsource sales & what is outsourcing Sales?

Outsourcing sales or business development representation is often used by oil and gas service industry when they are growing their business.  It is the practice of hiring oil and gas sales specialists or generalists to perform certain tasks traditionally handled within a team working within the organization. These tasks can include field sales calls or meeting staff in the head office.  The salesperson is also responsible for calendar management, updating CRM, sales funnel reporting, travel arrangements, and social media management. Outsourcing sales can free up time for full-time staff to focus on more revenue-driving tasks and project delivery.

5 Pros of outsourcing Sales

  1. Extensive sales experience
  2. Faster turnaround to get results
  3. Specific oil & gas specialization
  4. Access to key decision makers in target oil & gas accounts
  5. Can prevent burnout of full-time staff

When is it Time for Your Company to Outsource?

When you are growing business or would like to grow your business. When you are looking to allocate budget for other people to complete tasks that normally fall to you or your internal team. Look to hiring a contract sales person. Instead of thinking about the extra money you’ll spend, think of it as an investment in the growth and productivity of your team and your company.

About Core Marketing

Core Marketing offers Business Development representation in Calgary, AB for service companies and manufacturers selling into Oil & Gas, Mining, Industrial, Municipal, and Alternative Energy. They help with market research, planning, and business development.
The Core team is experienced, well connected, and professional. Core provides clients with scheduled sales calls to review client interactions and opportunities, meeting notes so you know who we meet with and what is discussed, and sales funnel to update you on new opportunities.
Feedback in one of the most important parts of the sales process. Core provides insight on the sales process. This includes if they weren’t successful on an opportunity, why? If we were successful, why? The information is use to be better on next opportunity.

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