Texas Oil & Gas Pipeline and Facility Projects May 25, 2021

Project Summary

Texas oil & gas pipeline and facility project permits last 7 days report dated May 25 2021 is tracking 31 Oil & Gas and Mid Stream Operators that had 291 pipeline and facilities approved permits.

  • Top Oil & Gas Operators approved for a facility permits include; Extex Operating Company (197), Pioneer 34, Validus Energy (24), Upcurve Energy (3)
  • Top Counties approved for a facility permits include; Sutton (25), Karnes (24), Martin (24), Upton (24)
  • Top Oil & Gas Operators approved for a pipeline permits include; O’RYAN OIL AND GAS (4), Energy Transfer (1), U.S. Energy Development Corporation (1)

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Texas Pipeline Projects

Pipeline permits include gathering or transport pipelines of a liquid, gas or oil through a system of pipes. In addition to these main types of pipelines, there are also four other sub-categories of pipelines: Gathering Lines, Feeder Lines, Transmission Pipelines and Distribution Pipelines. The permits represent all types of pipelines. Source Texas pipeline and facility project permits May 25 2021

T4 Permits

Lateral Completions Dissolvable Frac Plug

Texas Pipeline Construction

Texas Oil & Gas Facility Permits

Facilities are a system of vessels, piping, valves, tanks and other equipment that are used to gather, process, measure, store or dispose of petroleum, natural gas or water. … The upstream facility network includes equipment for the handling of oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids, and water.  Source Texas pipeline and facility project permits May 25 2021

We have 3 types of permits related to construction of new facilities the Permit Type is related to the stage of the project. 

  • Notify New – Prior to construction, a notification with basic information must be submitted.
  • Initial -Ninety days after submitting the Initial Project Notification, a more detailed registration for the standard permit is required.  This could be related to existing plant maintenance
  • Revision – Permit approved with a revision to the permit. This could be related to existing plant maintenance

Texas Facility Transfers

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Facility and Pipeline Project Details

Texas Facilities Interesting Projects

Titus Oil & Gas Production – New Battery

Titus Oil & Gas Production, LLC is developing the wolfcamp shale with a focus in Lea, Loving, Reeves, Ward and Eddy counties.

Titus is actively pursuing operated and non-operated working interests, overriding royalties, and leasing opportunities in the Delaware Basin using a geologic and land-driven approach.

Total Oil Production109,477 BBLs
Total Gas Production8,498,575 MCF
Estimated Daily Oil Prod.192 BBLs
Estimated Daily Gas Prod.18,500 MCF
Estimated Daily Water Prod.21,455 BBLs
Producing Wells17

Source Texas pipeline and facility project permits May 17 2021

Vopak Terminal San Patricio

Vopak is known for the flexible deployability of its terminals for the storage of a wide range of products.

Royal Vopak announced it has been selected by Gulf Coast Growth Ventures (GCGV), the petrochemical joint-venture between ExxonMobil and SABIC, to design, build, own and operate a new industrial terminal on the U.S. Gulf Coast.

The terminal will be dedicated to serving the planned 1.8 million tonnes per year ethane cracker. All liquid products moved by marine vessels will be handled by the new Vopak terminal. The total capacity will be around 130.000 cbm tankage and will include pipelines connecting the terminal to the cracker complex.

“We’re very excited to support GCGV with this major industrial development in the U.S. This new terminal fits well into our growth strategy for industrial terminals,” said Eelco Hoekstra, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Royal Vopak. “We’re proud of our expertise and long track record of storing vital products. We have high standards on safety and environmental care and we’re looking forward to becoming part of the Corpus Christi community.”

Vopak’s industrial terminal and associated infrastructure are expected to be operational consistent with a planned start-up by 2022. The investment is covered with a long-term agreement and is aligned with Vopak’s strategy to focus on industrial terminals and to service the chemical industry.

Source Texas pipeline and facility project permits May 25 2021

Western Midstream Partners Regional Oil Treating Facility

Western Midstream Partners, LP (“WES”) is a Delaware master limited partnership formed to acquire, own, develop, and operate midstream assets. With midstream assets located in the Rocky Mountains, North-central Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Mexico, WES is engaged in the business of gathering, compressing, treating, processing, and transporting natural gas; gathering, stabilizing, and transporting condensate, natural-gas liquids, and crude oil; and gathering and disposing of produced water for its customers. In its capacity as a natural-gas processor, WES also buys and sells natural gas, natural-gas liquids, and condensate on behalf of itself and as an agent for its customers under certain contracts.

West Texas is on track, with expectations of placing into service our first regional oil treating facility (ROTF) in Reeves County in the second quarter,” Walker said. “This is expected to be followed by an additional ROTF in north Loving County and the first cryogenic train at the Mentone gas processing plant in the third quarter.”

Primexx New Wolfcamp Battery

Primexx New Wolfcamp Battery  

Primexx Energy Partners Ltd. is a privately held, independent oil and gas company located in Dallas. The company currently operates 40,000 acres in the Southern Delaware Basin and produces 22,000 boe/d.

Wolfcamp formation extends across the Delaware Basin, Central Basin Platform, and Midland Basin—the three sub-basins that comprise the Permian Basin. The Wolfcamp play has helped drive overall crude oil and natural gas production growth in the Permian Basin during the past decade. Crude oil production in the Wolfcamp accounts for nearly one-third of total Permian crude oil production and more than one-third of Permian natural gas production.

Primexx New Wolfcamp Battery

Texas Pipeline Projects

Energy Transfer pipeline permit # 2105 is is 9000 miles and they are adding 45 miles 

Energy Transfer LP (NYSE: ET) owns and operates one of the largest and most diversified portfolios of energy assets in the United States, with a strategic footprint in all of the major domestic production basins.

Energy Transfer pipeline permit # 2105 is is 9000 miles and they are adding 45 miles

U.S. Energy Development Corporation adding 6 miles to permit #10260

U.S. Energy Development Corporation Since 1980, the company has invested in, operated, and/or drilled more than 2,400 wells in 13 states and Canada; deploying more than $1.5 billion on behalf of our partners.

In 2015, the company bought more than 13,000 net acres in the Eagle Ford, one of the top seven shale regions in the United States. It now has 36 wells producing about 4,500 barrels of oil per day with 14 additional wells going into production in the coming months. 

BRG Energy Inc. Permit #6364 is 143 miles and they added 2 miles from Willians MLP

BRG Energy Inc. is a privately held independent oil and gas company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company’s primary business involves the acquisition of producing properties and low risk developmental drilling for its own account and also for accredited individual investors. BRG’s operations are located primarily in East Texas, Western Oklahoma, and the Texas Panhandle.

BRG Energy Inc. Texas Pipeline Permit #6364

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