Keyera Energy Ltd. Key Access Pipeline System (KAPS) Project – Oil & Gas Pipeline Western Canada

Keyera Energy Ltd. to construct the Key Access Pipeline System (KAPS) Project. The Project will transport NGL (C3+) and condensate (C5+) from Keyera’s Pipestone Plant, currently under construction in the Grande Prairie area in SW 07-073-08 W6M. The low vapour pressure condensate (nominal pipe size [NPS] 16-inch diameter) pipeline will tie-into the existing Keyera condensate system in NW 18-055-21 W4M and the high vapour pressure (HVP) NGL pipeline (NPS 12-inch diameter) will tie-into Keyera’s Fort Saskatchewan Fractionation and Storage Facility (KFS) in SE 14-055-22 W4M. The total distance of the proposed pipeline will be 576 km long. The deadline for submitting a statement of concern is January 8, 2020 in the following locations:

This is a major oil & gas pipeline project in Western Canada

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