Mid-continent Well Spud February 2020 – download report


The report is a summary of the 137 Operators that drilled 524 wells located in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico & Louisiana over the month of February. Oil gas well drilling is broken down into; Texas 356 drilled wells, New Mexico 97 drilled wells, Oklahoma 38 drilled wells and Louisiana 33 drilled wells. Top operators include; Eog Resources (36), Pioneer Resources (29), Devon Energy (28) and XTO Energy (26).

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Oil & Gas Terms

Spud – Spudding is the process of beginning to drill a well in the oil and gas industry. … After the surface hole is completed, the main drill bit—which performs the task of drilling to the total depth—is inserted and this process can also be referred to as “spudding in.”

Mid-con – Mid-continent oil field is a broad area containing hundreds of oil fields in Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

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Wells Drilled Summary February 2020

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