Pioneer Natural Resources 2021 GUIDANCE

Pioneer Resources expects its 2021 drilling, completions and facilities capital budget to range between $2.4 billion to $2.7 billion.

Pioneer will add an additional $100 million budgeted for integration expenses related to the acquisition of Parsley, resulting in a total 2021 capital budget3 range of $2.5 billion to $2.8 billion. The Company expects its capital program to be fully funded within forecasted cash flow5 of approximately $4.6 billion.

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Pioneer expects 2021 oil production of 307 to 322 MBOPD and total production of 528 to 554 MBOEPD, which excludes Parsley production prior to the Parsley acquisition close date of January 12, 2021, and includes the expected production impact attributable to the recent winter storm of approximately 8 MBOPD and 14 MBOEPD. On a pro forma basis for the Parsley transaction, 2021 oil production and total production ranges are expected to be 310 to 325 MBOPD and 533 to 559 MBOEPD, respectively. The Company continues to monitor the macroeconomic environment and will remain flexible and responsive to changing market conditions to preserve its strong balance sheet.

Pioneer has redefined its investment framework to prioritize free cash flow generation and return of capital to shareholders. This capital allocation strategy is intended to create long-term value by optimizing the reinvestment of cash flow to accelerate the Company’s free cash flow profile. At current strip pricing, the Company expects its reinvestment rate to be between 50% to 60%, generating increased free cash flow. Pioneer is targeting a 10% total annual return, inclusive of a strong and growing base dividend, a variable dividend and high-return oil growth. The Company believes this differentiated strategy positions Pioneer to be competitive across industries.

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Pioneer Resources Wells Drilled Last 3 Years Permian

Pioneer Resources Wells Drilled Last 3 Years Permian

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