Stuffing Boxes Manufactures

What is a Stuffing Box for the Oil and Gas

A Stuffing box can come in many sizes, shapes, pressure ratings and most importantly with various sealing arrangements get the details about stuffing boxes manufactures. The primary function of a stuffing box is to seal fluid pressure while the polish rod is stroked by the pumping unit. This stroking motion is to function the bottom hole pump causing oil to rise to the surface. Most stuffing box packing also know as sealing arrangements last from days to a couple years this is all dependent on the production environment. The application can change during the yearly seasonal temperature changes or over the life of the production. All the of these different variables changes the outcome of how long packings (seals) will last before a leak or spill occurs.

Stuffing Box Manufactures

We have created a list of stuffing box manufactures lacated in North America. The energy industry depends on our deep expertise and technology to continually improve oilfield operations and assist in efforts to advance the energy transition towards a more sustainable future. Picking a stuffing box manufactures requires a company the has designing and precision manufacturing expertise in wellhead systems. The list below provides details about top wellhead stuffing box manufactures.

Wellhead Systems, Inc

Based in Hill City, Kan., Wellhead Systems, Inc. has been delivering unmatched quality, design and support to customers around the world for more than a decade. We are an industry leader in designing and precision manufacturing wellhead system technology that allows oil and natural gas producers to increase their production while lowering operating costs.

Our stuffing boxes, glands, pumping tees, blowout preventers and other wellhead components are innovatively designed, built to API standards and subject to a quality assurance program that is second to none.

Product Contact
Single Packed SB
BS Single Packed SB
Tee-Based SB
Double Packed SB
Inverted Single Packed SB
Inverted Tee-Base SB
Inverted Double Packed SB
Wheel Type SB
Skinner Style Jack Box
Huber Style Cone Jack Box
PO Box 129
710 W. McVey Street
Hill CIty, KS 67642

785.421.2255 phone
866.478.2537 toll free
785.421.2256 fax

Jessica Goodeyon: Vice President
Missy Balthazor: Customer Service Manager
Charley Nelson: Inventory Manager

Double E

Double E was one of the first manufacturers to focus on metal products for the Oil and Gas industry. Today, Double E is a leading manufacturer of precision machined metal parts, custom molded elastomeric products, including rubber-to-metal bonded parts, and high performance oil well production equipment. Our 30,000 square-foot facility is located in Dallas, Texas.

In 2011, Double E was acquired by Parco, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance seals. Double E is now a part of one of North America’s largest companies supplying rubber seals and machined metal parts to the oil and gas industry.

Double E stocks four versions of its popular Type PC Stuffing Boxes. In addition, Double E has a large inventory of replacement packings and bushings available for same day shipment. If we don’t have a Stuffing Box model for your application, we can develop one for you.

Product Contact
2-9/16 Inch Flanged Base Model
2-7/8 Inch EU Base Model
3 Inch LP Base Model
Double E, Inc.
1261 Profit Drive
Dallas, TX 75247
Phone: (214) 631-2290
Fax: (214) 630-4712


NOV has pioneered innovations that empower the global energy industry, enabling our customers to safely produce abundant energy while minimizing their environmental impact. The energy industry depends on our deep expertise and technology to continually improve oilfield operations and assist in efforts to advance the energy transition towards a more sustainable future.

Our original stuffing box design is considered the industry standard thanks to its reliable and simple design.

Product Contact
Single Pack Stuffing Box (SB)
Tee Base Stuffing Box (SBT)
Double Packed Stuffing Box (DPSB)
Regular Inverted Stuffing Box (IVSB)
Tee Base Inverted Stuffing Box (IVSBT)
Double Packed Inverted Stuffing Box (IVDPSB)
Calgary NOV
237 4 Ave SW, ste. 2200
Calgary, Alberta T2P 0H6
Phone: +14039568200

WNS Lowery

Whittle & Neher Systems, founded in 1984 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a leading manufacturer of high quality ductile iron, carbon steel, and stainless steel check valves for oilfield, industrial, and specialty applications. WNS manufactures a full line of high quality stuffing boxes, pumping and flow tees, and cone type packing for the oil industry. WNS is committed to producing excellent products at a competitive price.

WNS Lowery offers a full line of 1500#, 3000#, and 5000# Stuffing Boxes ensuring we have the right fit for every application.

Product Contact
Standard Style Stuffing Boxes
Performance Style Big Boy Stuffing Boxes
Pollution Control Stuffing Boxes
2221 SE 69th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73149
(405) 677-7222

Skinner Brothers Company

Skinner Brothers Company, Inc., we are dedicated to meeting the ever-changing demands of our customers in the oilfield industry.

Founded in 1929, in the original “Oil Capital of the World” Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our two locations offer modern manufacturing processes with the expertise of key members having over one hundred and sixty years of combined experience.

Type X Single
Type “X” Cross Twin
Skinner Bros. Company, Inc.
6010 N Xanthus
Tulsa, OK 74130

MOST Oil Corporation

MOST Oil Corporation is a Canadian-owned manufacturing and distribution company operating out of Alberta, Canada since 2001. We design, manufacture, and distribute products for oil and gas production. Operating in a 28,000 square foot facility in Leduc, Alberta, featuring in-house engineering, manufacturing, testing, and assembly

OST manufacturers and distributes stuffing boxes for both progressing cavity pumping systems and reciprocating rod application. All parts are manufactured to be NACE compliant. MOST offers options from very basic to complex to suit a wide range of applications.

Classic Single Stuffing Box
Classic Double Stuffing Box
Pollution Control Stuffing Boxes
Modular Stuffing Box
Modular Stuffing Box
Pivoting Stuffing Box
Modular Stuffing Box
Head Office
6602 45 Street, Unit 103
Leduc, AB T9E 7C9
Phone: 587-672-0157
Technical Support

Plainsman Mfg. Inc.

Plainsman Mfg. Inc. is a locally owned manufacturing and distribution company operating out of Edmonton, Alberta since 1966.

We manufacture and distribute products for oilfield production, pipeline maintenance, construction and gas and water distribution. We have an in-house engineering department and a full service manufacturing facility that enables us to respond efficiently to customer and industry needs.

Available in single or dual pack.
Cap, Glands, Body and Base made of Grade 65-45-12 ductile iron
API gauged threads
Bottom threads available in API tubing [EUE] or LP [line pipe]
Built-in misaligning feature
Available for rod sizes 1″, 1-1/8″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, and 1-3/4″
Head Office:
8305 McIntyre Road
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
T6E 5J7
Toll Free: 1-877-448-0586
Ph#: 780-496-9800
Fax#: 780-463-9800

Kerr Pumps

Kerr Pumps, makes plunger and piston pumps for customers in a range of industries. The company’s pumps are positive displacement reciprocating pumps, which are used in virtually every industrial and oilfield application. Kerr Machine manufactures simplex, duplex, triplex, quintuplex, and sextuplex plunger and piston pumps for moving liquids under pressure. Applications include agriculture pumps, cement slurry pumps, food processing pumps, mud pumps, oil and gas pumps, and salt water disposal pumps. The company has installed more than 30,000 pumps, about a third of which are located at international sites.

We manufacture replacement stuffing boxes in a variety of styles, sizes and materials for a broad range of packing arrangements and elastomers. The necessary precision in each box enables a perfect interface for maximum packing life even in the most demanding temperature and pressure conditions.

Products Contact
Custom2214 WEST 14th St Sulphur,
OK 73086

Wellhead Stuffing Box Containment

Even the best manufactured wellhead stuffing boxes are susceptible to leaks. Wellhead containment proves to be both cost-effective and environmentally conscious. captures lost fluid, and redirects the lost fluids to be recycled and/or reused. Other benefits of stuffing box containment includes environmental compliance, reduce oilfield operating costs and rod wear.

Well Site Guard Ltd. provides premier solutions for clean, efficient, complete oil spill containment. We engineer and design our reliable, high-quality wellhead units to meet and exceed the needs of North American oil producers.

With Well Site Guard, environmental stewardship does not result in high expenses associated with containing oil spills. In addition, our units include many productivity-boosting features:

  • 10-minute installation
  • Built with durable materials that last indefinitely
  • No restriction for simple wellhead-packing replacement
  • Failure-free in extreme heat and cold

Avoid the downtime, labor, financial and environmental costs of oil spills with Well Site Guard. Our solution completely encloses the wellhead, containing any spills and making your worksite safer and compliant with ERCB/EPA regulations. It eliminates your need for daily cleanup, improves your operational efficiency and reduces labor expenses.

Well Site Guard Classic is cost-effective – and pays for itself in just three months. It’s also the only reusable wellhead containment solution on the market, multiplying your savings.

Stuffing Box Maintenance

Replacing stuffing box rubbers regularly is vitally important for making sure you do not have any stuffing box leaks when working with your pumps. But how do you know just when to replace your stuffing box rubbers? Here are the three basic stuffing box maintenance steps you should be in the practice of taking.

1. Inspect the Stuffing Box

A stuffing box inspection should be your first step when considering whether or not you need to replace your stuffing box rubbers. Start by accessing your stuffing box and observing whether or not fluid is coming through. If it is, you may have a leaking stuffing box, although not necessarily.

2. Determine Whether or Not You Have a Leaking Stuffing Box

Your first step should be to tighten the cap nut and backing nut. If this stops the problem of fluid coming through, you probably don’t need to replace your stuffing box rubbers yet, although if the problem keeps recurring, you will want to replace your rubbers rather than continuing to tighten the nuts because you could create scoring damage.

If your stuffing box is dripping a little bit while the system is running, that means it’s working correctly. You need some lubrication to prevent the shaft from overheating. However, if you are getting a more consistent flow of fluid, it is time to replace your stuffing box rubbers.

3. Service Your Stuffing Box and Address Stuffing Box Leaks

If you need to service your stuffing box, start by measuring the inside diameter of the packing nut. Before you can repack the stuffing box with your new Global rubbers, you’ll need to remove the old packing with some kind of hooked tool. Once that is done, take your packing, making sure you have the correct type of packing and the correct size, and get ready to insert it into the shaft.

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