Alberta Oil & Gas Seismic Activity

On Friday, Cygnet Energy, a small Calgary-based firm with assets in the Duvernay formation, reported a 4.1 magnitude tremor near one of their well sites, just 35 kilometres southwest of the community of Fox Creek.

The company suspended horizontal hydraulic fracturing as required by the AER’s traffic light system, which specifies that frackers must monitor seismic activity near their wells and stop fracking once they have caused a tremor greater than a magnitude 4 on the scale scientists use to measure the power of quakes.

According to the AER’s “earthquake dashboard,” fracking caused a swarm of hundreds of earthquakes ranging from magnitudes of about 1 to 3 just 56 kilometres west of the town of Fox Creek this winter.

“On Jan. 31, 2024, Kiwetinohk Energy reported a ML 3.3 seismic event. There were no reports of damage or injury at that time and Kiwetinohk engaged their mitigation protocols,” the AER.

Obsidian Energy, a heavy oil producer, caused the largest industry-made earthquake to date, a 5.6 magnitude tremor that rocked Peace River country two years ago.

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