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Bakken Shale Play Update

Bakken 2021 Update

  • 672 wells drilled in 2023
  • 78 different Operators have drilled wells in the Bakken 2023
  • 100 different drilling rigs have drilled wells in 2023
  • North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources recently announced the state had production of 3,289,759 million cubic feet a day or 101,982,539 Mcf of natural gas.
  • The state also had a new all-time high of 18,179 (preliminary number) of producing wells. In June, the state had 18,101 producing wells.

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Bakken Shale Play Oil & Gas Operator List

List of 60+ Operators that drill in the Bakken Shale Play

Bakken Shale Play Rig Count Report

List of Operators and Drilling Rigs active in the Bakken Last 30 Days

Bakken Wells Drilled in 2023

List of wells drilled in the Bakken in 2023 includes Operator and Rig

What is the Bakken Shale Play

The Bakken Shale Play is located in Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota, as well as parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba in the Williston Basin. Oil was initially discovered in the Bakken play in 1951, but was not commercial on a large scale until the past ten years.

Bakken Shale Play Wells Drilled by County in 2023

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