Texas Account List Bundle

Midland Basin – is one of the two primary basins within the larger Permian Basin, a significant sedimentary basin located in the southwestern United States. The account list includes 167 Oil & Gas Operators.

Delaware Basin – spans parts of West Texas and southeastern New Mexico. It is adjacent to the Midland Basin, which is the other primary sub-basin within the Permian Basin.  The account list includes 173 Oil & Gas Operators.

Eagle Ford Shale – is a significant unconventional oil and gas play located in South Texas, United States. The account list includes 117 Oil & Gas Operators.

Haynesville Shale – is a significant oil and natural gas play in the United States, located primarily in the Gulf Coast region, covering parts of Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas. The account list includes 78 Oil & Gas Operators.

Oil & Gas Account Lists