Texas Oil & Gas Pipeline and Facility Projects Aug 17, 2022

Project Summary of Upcoming Pipeline & Facility Projects in Texas

Texas oil & gas pipeline and facility project permits last 7 days report dated Aug 17, 2022 is tracking number 36 Oil & Gas and Mid Stream Operators that had 59 pipeline and facilities approved permits.

  • Top Oil & Gas Operators approved for a facility permits include; XTO Energy Inc. (5), Laredo Petroleum Inc. (5), Endeavor Energy Resources, L.P. (3)
  • Top Counties approved for a facility permits include; GAINES (6), REAGANK (4), ANDREWS (2)
  • Top Oil & Gas Operators approved for a pipeline permits include; Williams Pipeline

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Texas Pipeline Projects

Pipeline permits include gathering or transport pipelines of a liquid, gas or oil through a system of pipes. In addition to these main types of pipelines, there are also four other sub-categories of pipelines: Gathering Lines, Feeder Lines, Transmission Pipelines and Distribution Pipelines. The permits represent all types of pipelines. Source Texas pipeline and facility project permits Aug 17, 2022

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Texas Oil & Gas Facility Permits

Facilities are a system of vessels, piping, valves, tanks and other equipment that are used to gather, process, measure, store or dispose of petroleum, natural gas or water. … The upstream facility network includes equipment for the handling of oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids, and water.  Source Texas pipeline and facility project permits Aug 17, 2022

We have 3 types of permits related to construction of new facilities the Permit Type is related to the stage of the project. 

  • Notify New – Prior to construction, a notification with basic information must be submitted.
  • Initial -Ninety days after submitting the Initial Project Notification, a more detailed registration for the standard permit is required.  This could be related to existing plant maintenance
  • Revision – Permit approved with a revision to the permit. This could be related to existing plant maintenance

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Facility Ownership Change

Facility and Pipeline Project Details

Facility Projects


Oxy was approved for an air permit by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for a new mud plant located in Odessa. A mud plant is used to manipulate (mix, dilute, treat, adjust) various drilling fluids to be used in wells supported by this Supply Base. You can also find expanded drilling waste management (DWM) processing here, typically in the form of centrifuges used to treat used mud that has been back loaded to the supply base. 

Endeavor Energy Resources – 3 new air permits in Midland all with compressors 

The Midland Basin consists of Martin, Howard, Midland, Glasscock, Upton and Reagan counties. These Core 6 counties are the center of focus for Endeavor’s horizontal drilling operations. Once thought to be uneconomic properties, these counties are now the foundation for the Permian Basin’s oil inventory with some of the lowest breakeven economics across the U.S. shale patch.

The Midland Basin consists of Martin, Howard, Midland, Glasscock, Upton and Reagan counties. These “Core Six” counties are the center of focus for Endeavor’s horizontal drilling operations. Once thought to be uneconomic properties, these core counties are now the foundation for West Texas’ oil inventory.

With an asset position of approximately 370,000 net acres in the Midland Basin, Endeavor is poised for growth as it executes its horizontal drilling program. An estimated 90% of Endeavor’s assets in the Midland Basin have yet to be developed.

Laredo Petroleum Inc. – 4 New Air Permits in Reagan and Glasscock Counties

Laredo’s Permian activities are centered on the east side of the basin approximately 35 miles east of Midland, Texas in primarily Glasscock and Reagan Counties. Today, Laredo has over 140,000 gross acres (with a majority of it being contiguous) and of which 85% is HBP.

The principal focus of Laredo’s horizontal drilling activities is an oil play (that also includes a liquids-rich natural gas component) that involves both the Wolfcamp (Upper, Middle, and Lower) and the Cline formations. Secondary targets include the Spraberry, Canyon, Strawn and ABW intervals. In total, over 12 viable landing points have been identified throughout the stratigraphic section (~ 4,500 ft. thick) as being prospective for development.


Production company in pursuit of small oil and gas acquisition and development

Pipeline Projects

Williams Pipeline Partners L.P. – Permit #110384 – 40 miles – NUECES, SAN PATRICIO – Chlorine Pipeline to Bayer in Plant

The chemical subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corp. is considering a $1.1 billion manufacturing overhaul and expansion project in Deer Park in an effort to maintain its dominance in a particular corner of the U.S. chemicals market.

If Oxy decides to proceed with the upgrades as laid out in the application, construction would start in the third quarter of 2023, and commercial operations would begin by the second quarter of 2026.


AUTERRA OPERATING, LLC_New Pipeline_Permit#10,386_8 Miles_GONZALES

Auterra Operating, LLC is a Texas limited liability company and is responsible for the daily operations of the Auterra Resources Eagleville Field, and maintains a field office is in the center of the field. Company personnel insure that the field functions in a safe, environmentally compliant and efficient manner.


Comstock Energy, LLC (Comstock) is a Texas based oil & gas development company with a primary focus in exploiting proven and underdeveloped shallow producing horizons located in the Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin area of North Central Texas. Comstock is currently directing operations and re-development of twenty producing and/or proven properties with over 1 million barrels of reserves.

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