Texas Oil & Gas Pipeline and Facility Projects Nov 2, 2021

Project Summary of Upcoming Pipeline & Facility Projects in Texas

Texas oil & gas pipeline and facility project permits last 14 days report dated Nov 2 2021 is tracking 23 Oil & Gas and Mid Stream Operators that had 41 pipeline and facilities approved permits.

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Pipeline permits include gathering or transport pipelines of a liquid, gas or oil through a system of pipes. In addition to these main types of pipelines, there are also four other sub-categories of pipelines: Gathering Lines, Feeder Lines, Transmission Pipelines and Distribution Pipelines. The permits represent all types of pipelines. Source Texas pipeline and facility project permits Nov 2 2021

Texas T4 Pipeline Permits

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Texas Oil & Gas Facility Permits

Facilities are a system of vessels, piping, valves, tanks and other equipment that are used to gather, process, measure, store or dispose of petroleum, natural gas or water. … The upstream facility network includes equipment for the handling of oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids, and water.  Source Texas pipeline and facility project permits Oct 27 2021

We have 3 types of permits related to construction of new facilities the Permit Type is related to the stage of the project. 

  • Notify New – Prior to construction, a notification with basic information must be submitted.
  • Initial -Ninety days after submitting the Initial Project Notification, a more detailed registration for the standard permit is required.  This could be related to existing plant maintenance
  • Revision – Permit approved with a revision to the permit. This could be related to existing plant maintenance

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Facility Projects

Western Midstream Partners Permit #RN100228899 CONSTRUCT RAMSEY GAS PLANT

Western Midstream Partners, LP (“WES”) is a Delaware master limited partnership formed to acquire, own, develop, and operate midstream assets. With midstream assets located in the Rocky Mountains, North-central Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Mexico, WES is engaged in the business of gathering, compressing, treating, processing, and transporting natural gas; gathering, stabilizing, and transporting condensate, natural-gas liquids, and crude oil; and gathering and disposing of produced water for its customers. In its capacity as a natural-gas processor, WES also buys and sells natural gas, natural-gas liquids, and condensate on behalf of itself and as an agent for its customers under certain contracts.

Ramsey Gas Plant, which is located at the northwest corner of the development area and is approximately 10 miles northwest of Orla, Texas. The Ramsey Gas plant receives its feed from a number of high pressure pipelines, which deliver gas to the facility at nominally 900 – 1000 psig. The gas is a combination of field dehydrated and un-dehydrated 3 gas, is sweet with ~1% CO2, and also contains a significant quantity of high pressure liquids.

NorTex Midstream Partners NOTIFYEXST Permit #RN100543024 HILL LAKE GAS STORAGE FACILITY

Headquartered in Houston, NorTex owns and operates 36 billion cubic feet of gas storage capacity and over 80 miles of natural gas transmission pipelines. NorTex facilities include Tolar Hub, Worsham-Steed Gas Storage and Hill-Lake Gas Storage. These facilities interconnect with multiple major pipeline systems serving the Dallas/Fort Worth greater metropolitan region.

Hill-Lake is a depleted oil and gas reservoir located in Eastland County, Texas. Hill-Lake offers a number of services including firm and interruptible storage, peaking, transportation, parking, loaning, intraday and hourly balancing.

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Texas International Terminals Permit# RN111360525 CONSTRUCT permits 

Established in 2009, Texas International Terminals is a world-class liquid and dry bulk multi-modal facility for deep draft vessel, unit train, manifest rail, barge, and trucking along the Galveston Ship Channel. We ship ethanol that is blended into gas for vehicles that transport people and products, by moving fertilizer used to grow food for the world, and by transporting soda ash that is used in the manufacture of glass and production of sealants, glues and detergents.

Pipeline Projects

MAGNOLIA OIL & GAS Permit #T10321 1 Miles New Pipeline KARNES, WILSON

Magnolia’s South Texas asset platform includes a well-delineated, low-risk position in the core of Karnes County and a position in the Giddings Field, a re-emerging oil play with significant upside. Together, these positions comprise approximately 460,000 net acres targeting two of the top oil plays in the United States.

Austin Chalk 650-mile long geological formation, stretching underground from the Mexico-Texas border, through central Louisiana and into Mississippi. Austin Chalk holds about 4.1 billion barrels of crude, 18 trillion cubic feet of gas and 1 billion barrels of natural-gas liquids. Austin Chalk oil recoveries since 2018 averaged 60% higher than those of the Lower Eagle Ford

Eagle Ford in Texas is the most mature tight oil play in the Lower 48 current, oil and natural gas production of 2.5 million barrels of oil equivalent per day. Measuring 400 miles long and 50 miles wide along the Texas Gulf Coast, the Eagle Ford basin is spread over 12,000 square miles in South and central Texas.


Exco is an independent oil and natural gas company engaged in the exploitation, exploration, acquisition, development and production of onshore U.S. oil and natural gas properties with a focus on shale resource plays. Our principal operations are conducted in certain key U.S. oil and natural gas areas including Texas, Louisiana and the Appalachia region.

The South Texas region is primarily comprised of our Eagle Ford shale assets. Our position in this region includes approximately 48,500 net acres, of which approximately 95% are held-by-production. We serve as the operator for most of our properties in the South Texas region.

Eagle Ford in Texas is the most mature tight oil play in the Lower 48 current, oil and natural gas production of 2.5 million barrels of oil equivalent per day. Measuring 400 miles long and 50 miles wide along the Texas Gulf Coast, the Eagle Ford basin is spread over 12,000 square miles in South and central Texas.

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